Friday, August 11, 2023

Not On Your Life by Jenessa Fayeth: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.


How did I become a washed-up lawyer at the ripe age of twenty-six? I’ll tell you.

Connor Freaking Quinn. The devil himself.

When he shows up at my new job to apologize, I’d just as soon torture him than talk to him.

It’s entertaining, but it doesn’t change the past. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do for the

last four months. I have to get back into law.

The problem is, the longer I’m away from the courtroom, I can’t help but realize I prefer a

much different court.


The reason for our feud?

It’s simple, really. I need a distraction, and fighting with Maddie is the

perfect way to keep my mind off the stress from the last couple years. Messed up, I know.

I’ll admit, I took it too far. I didn’t mean to start that rumor, but I ruined her life

anyway. I have to fix things for her.

If only she will talk to me. I miss her cute glares and snide remarks—maybe I should

consider therapy.

The guilt isn’t the only thing keeping me around, though. And the longer I try to get her to

talk to me, the harder it is to stay away.

Jenessa Fayeth doesn't remember the last time she got a full night's sleep. But she does know how late she can stay up reading to survive the next day. In college she majored in Family Life and Human Development, and she now uses that knowledge to convince herself she isn't crazy while raising her wild children. Her hobbies include reading, writing, sleeping, eating, and running. She writes all night and is a mom and wife all day. She is constantly exhausted, but she wouldn't change it for the world. In her opinion, peanut butter is the most important food group.

Not On Your Life is the second book in the Never Say Never series. I personally had not yet read the first book in the series and found this read just fine as a standalone (though did perhaps have some spoilers). It certainly did have me curious to back and read the first book anyway though! 

Connor and Maddie were absolutely, positively wonderful together. This is definitely the way an enemies to lovers should be done. The banter and the way they pushed each other's buttons nonstop was done so well that I really just couldn't help but to enjoy them... and when they finally get together? Oh, their chemistry is even better--- while still keeping that banter that made me root for them to start with. There were so many moments that had me laughing out loud... Maddie's mom in particular was just the absolute best. And that epilogue? Ooh, so perfect! This is actually the first book I've had the chance to read from this author, but it most certainly will NOT be the last! 

Not On Your Life is a closed-door romance with fantastic chemistry, but nothing beyond kisses and no language. There were a few slight innuendos. 

Check out the Never Say Never series here:


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