Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Meet Me At The Corner by Michelle Angus: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

She loved him first, in all the ways that mattered. But now that her memories are gone, he’s the one falling for her. Will her heart still remember the thing it loved the most?

Infatuated. It was the only word one could use to explain the unhealthy obsession that Marianne Barlow had with Shawn Heartly. She was constantly showering him with gifts, despite being teased and never receiving anything in return.

Shawn Heartly was sick of the notes, the candy, and all the Lisa Frank knick-knacks that Mari left for him everywhere. He just wanted to be the cool kid in school, not the guy who Mari had this ridiculous crush on. Would she ever stop obsessing over him?

Now eleven years later, Mari has grown up. Despite the internal scars left from childhood, she has pride in how far she has come. But her life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself reunited with her childhood crush moments before an accident causes her memory to disappear, including memories of their complicated history.

Equally surprised and horrified to discover himself face to face with his twitterpated childhood nemesis, Shawn finds himself in an awkward situation. The woman who now stood before him was no longer a silly child, but a spunky and radiantly beautiful woman, who had completely charmed him. The only problem is, she has no idea who he is. Faced with the opportunity to start their relationship over, he finds himself trapped in a tangle of love and lies, and he can’t help but worry; what will happen when she finally remembers the truth?

Michelle Angus has been keeping her adventures and her stories trapped in her mind for way too long. Michelle loves to write romcom, regency, adventure romance, and whatever else her mind takes her to. The few things that all of these different genres have in common for her are; they all end in a HEA, they are all sweet and clean, and they will all make you laugh.

She grew up in Arizona, but when asked, she will usually resort to telling people she grew up in Hell. She has been married to her hubby for 22 years, has three amazing teenagers and lives all over the place (Currently Kentucky).

When Michelle isn’t writing… or editing her books. You can usually find her reading and reviewing other awesome books, gardening, or going on adventures with her family.

If you like books that make you feel all of the feels, and leave you happy in the end, keep reading her books!

With a debut like Meet Me At the Corner, I cannot wait to see what Michelle Angus does next! This was such a sweet story filled with great emotion and swoon worthy moments. And of course, the laugh out loud moments were plentiful too. These characters were very well written, and I couldn't help but want to know more of their stories. It didn't take me long at all to be drawn into this story, wanting to learn all about their past together... right along with Mari as she tried to regain her memory!

I can't say that the amnesia trope is one that I'm particularly drawn to, but it was such a unique way to bring these two wonderful characters together despite their very complicated history. I loved seeing both characters' POV, getting little bits and pieces about what happened between them as the story goes on--- just the right amount at a time to keep me wanting more. We even get a chapter with Shawn's brother's POV, which added a nice element to the story too! 

Meet Me At the Corner is a closed-door romance with great chemistry filled kisses, but nothing beyond that. 

Overall, this was a really fun read that I couldn't help but enjoy. I truly look forward to seeing more from Michelle in the future! 


"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb: sweet to the soul and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24