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A Wedding Mismatch by Kaylee Baldwin: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Let’s play a Two truths and a lie.
1. I am a self-help influencer who is a hot mess.
2. If I don’t get some quiet time between planning my sister’s wedding to finish my book, Happily Single , I’m in hot water with my publisher.
3. I’m blackmailing the hot grump next-door into letting me live with him until this book is done.

Okay, they’re all true, but what’s a desperate girl to do?

Then while cleaning out the house Asher (the above-mentioned hot grump) inherited from his grandpa, we discover a box of secrets his grandpa has been hiding for years. Not his grandpa’s secrets, oh no—but everyone else’s in The Palms Retirement Center. As everything from embezzlement to natural hair colors are revealed, Diamond Cove is suddenly on guard—including my Grandma Winnie.

It’s fine (wait, there’s the lie!), as long as no one figures out my secret, since I may be keeping the biggest one of all. Because here’s another After meeting Asher, I’m wondering if I’m actually Happily Single after all.

A glamorous day in the life of Kaylee Baldwin includes: chasing after her four children, checking for a new season of Serial, writing her latest book, binge-watching reality cooking shows, hanging out with her husband, and reading in every spare second she can find. She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in English lit and currently lives in southern Arizona with her family. Her books include the Whitney Finalist Meg’s Melody, Hearts in Peril, a story in the Timeless Romance Anthology: California Dreamin’ which was recently translated into Norwegian, and Take a Chance on Me. You can follow her on Instagram @kayleebaldwinwrites.

A Wedding Mismatch is part of the multi-author Diamond Cove Romantic Comedy series. It is the second book by Kaylee Baldwin in that series. While I do know that this book does feature the couple from that previous book by the author (and I'd guess perhaps some other familiar characters too), it can also be read as a standalone. I have not personally read any of the other books in the series (yet), and found I was able to enjoy this one just the same. And boy, did I enjoy it!

This book had some of my very favorite things to find in a romantic comedy... a grumpy male lead who is a softie at heart, meddling grandparents with their matchmaking tendencies, animal mishaps, and a great small town/community vibe. And secrets, oh so many secrets! When those secrets start coming to light, we're even given just that hint of mystery, not knowing who is doing it or why! And I loved absolutely every single second of it all! While there was certainly no shortness on the laughs, it also touched on the topics of grief and abuse too. I loved the healing and growth that we were able to see throughout the story... not just with Asher and Eliana, but with others in the community as well. And the chemistry between these two? I absolutely adored it! Such a wonderful story and definitely a fantastic summer read!

A Wedding Mismatch is a closed-door romance with nothing beyond kisses and no language. 

Check out the entire Diamond Cove series here: https://amzn.to/3P8EEAg


  1. This does sound super fun! Fantastic review! I am off to put it on my TBR :)


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