Thursday, July 20, 2023

Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Can Use With Shapewear Dresses

It probably comes as no surprise to those who know me that I love clothes! I've been known to have an overflowing closet... and while there's certainly nothing wrong with that (in my opinion, at least), there's also a lot to be said about fewer choices too. It can be less overwhelming, and save a ton of space... but if minimalist is your fashion goal, what pieces do you choose? 

One item that I think every woman can certainly appreciate having in their wardrobe is a built in shapewear dress. These dresses are not only super flattering thanks to the shapewear, but because it's already built into the dress, it makes it a pretty effortless option as well, with no need to layer. A simple black dress is always a closet must have, but you can pick up a few in your favorite colors for an easy to accessorize style that you'll love and feel beautiful and confident in. 

With such a simple style, these dresses are great on their own, but are also ideal for dressing up or down with the help of a few other closet staples. Let's take a look at those options to take them from simple to wow...

A Great Necklace

Jewelry is such a great way to make any look completely your own and necklaces tend to be my go-to. With a simple dress style, the options are limitless. I personally like a longer, or more delicate chain but if you want to really add a pop, go for more of a statement piece. You really cannot go wrong. 

A Denim Jacket

I cannot get enough of a good denim jacket! While it may not be everyone's style, I must say this is one of my go to pieces, particularly for fall or spring. It looks great with so many options and is just the right weight for those in between seasons. Pair it with a cute floral or a simple strapless shapewear slip to take your look to the next level. 

A Blazer

If you're looking for something a little more put together than a denim jacket, a blazer can be a great addition to your shapewear dress with a more polished look. Blazers can be found in a variety of styles and fits, from a looser oversized or something much more tailored to the body. These are another fantastic way to take your look to the next level. 

A Scarf

We often consider scarves to be only a fall or winter staple but- while they are certainly great for those cooler months- a lighter weight scarf can also be a great way to add color and pattern to a simple style anytime throughout the year too. There are so many options on how to wear scarves--- and not simply around your neck so you can have limitless look options with this one simple accessory. 

Keep It Comfortable

No matter which staples you choose for yourself, remember that comfort is key! I love dressing up and going all out with my style, but I also need clothes that are wearable for longer periods of time. A soft lounge dress not only looks great but will feel great too... and comfort to me also means confidence. Isn't that the best accessory any woman can put on? 

What are your personal wardrobe staples? 


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