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Ready to Take Your Green Thumb to the Next Level? Everything You’ll Need to Start Your Own Business

 Having a love for something and the passion to do it every day is powerful. It means that you love what you do, you have the energy to actually push forward to succeed, and that you find every step incredibly rewarding.  

This doesn’t mean you have to love every aspect of your job. It just means you love it enough to carry on, even when times are tough. Yes, this is less likely to happen when you’re an employee, but if you really want to commit to your passion in the way you love most, you’ll want to start your own business.  


This is true for any business idea, including gardening enterprises. If you have a green thumb and a passion for bringing gardens and outdoor spaces to life, then it’s time to move beyond your own backyard and into business ownership. 



  • What to Learn  


There are so many ways to brush up on what you’re missing knowledge-wise. For anything business, management, and even finance related, for example, go online. There are plenty of free or budget-friendly courses and even degrees available today that will help you prepare to run a company, even if you have no experience.  


As for practical skills, know that there are either college courses, or apprenticeships that you can go for. For the best results, it’s a good idea to work as an apprentice for a while to get a handle on the ropes of the business and also learn first-hand. From there, you’ll want to get as many qualifications as you feel are necessary while keeping in mind that you can always hire subcontractors in the future instead.  



  • Unlocking Wholesale Pricing 


Between the business and skill learning, you should start shaping your business. At a certain point, there’ll be nothing left to do but actively bring that company to life. Once you have a company, you’ll then want to unlock wholesale pricing. This gives you access to great deals on raw materials, and even gives you access to things like equipment hire. When it comes to doing any job at a price that clients approve of, however, wholesale landscape supply is a must. You can usually get an extra discount as well by shopping the sales. After all, it doesn’t matter what company supplies your mulch, since it’s a relatively universal product.  




  • Renting/Buying: How to Decide Which is Best 


You’ll also need equipment. At minimum, you’ll need management equipment so that you can easily find, vet, and then contract and manage subcontractors yourself. You can even hire an entire landscaping team and work entirely as a designer. How you operate is entirely up to you. What matters is how you supply your workers. In general, you’ll want to buy what you’ll use every day, and then rent the short-term, job-by-job items. Overall, this will help you save significantly, and also help you get your business off the ground sooner.  



  • Getting Your First Clients  


All that’s left now is to get your first clients. Before you start looking to strangers, see if any friends or family have any jobs (big or small) that they’re hoping to get done. Do excellent work here so you can take photos and get testimonials that you can then use to market your services to others in that community.  


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