Friday, July 14, 2023

5 Things To Add To Your Bedroom Makeover in 2023

When it comes to your first home, you will likely want to leave your mark on it. Many people choose to makeover the kitchen, the hallway, and the living spaces, as these are the areas that are going to be the most frequented by guests. However, if you really want to make your home feel like your own, why not choose somewhere that only you and your partner will see? Why not start with the bedroom? 

Your bedroom is your space to unwind from the world, and as such, it is an ideal area to makeover. So, if you are looking to makeover your bedroom in 2023, what should you add? 

Here are some ideas! 

A New Bed 

Starting with the most obvious thing to add to a bedroom, a new bed is a good place to start. 

There are so many types to choose from, so try to ensure that it matches the rest of the aesthetic in the bedroom. For insurance, a black, metal four-poster bed may match a more gothic or boho aesthetic, whereas a wooden sleigh bed may match a bedroom that has a lighter color palate. 

A Light Fitting 

Have you ever walked into a bedroom, or even a living room, and been struck by the beauty of the light fitting? If you have, you will know how much of an impact the right light fitting will make. As before, with the bed, try to make sure that the light fitting matches the theme of the rest of the room. 

There are many kinds of light fittings that you can pick from; for a gothic theme, a dark chandelier is ideal. For a lighter theme, a pendant light can be stunning. 

A Fish Tank 

Most people think that a fish tank only belongs in the living space, but a well-kept fish tank can be a great addition to any modern bedroom. 

Make sure, of course, that the flooring can handle the weight of the fish tank; most upper floor rooms can support between 100-200 liter tanks, and make sure that the tank is on a surface that can also support the weight. Build it up gradually and then sit back, and watch this natural feature add a calming vibe to your bedroom. 

A Fireplace 

Again, most people think that a fireplace is only suited for the living area. 

However, if your bedroom passes all of the required checks, why not try to add a fireplace to your bedroom? This can be a wood-burning fire or an electric one. It can also add a very retro vibe to your bedroom, and it is also another relaxing feature to help you decompress at the end of each day. 

Walk-in Wardrobe 

This is only really going to be possible if you have a bedroom that is larger, as you may need to have part of it cordoned off to have a walk-in wardrobe installed. 

These are a popular addition to any bedroom makeover and can provide you and your family with additional space for clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories. There is also the option to have a walk-in wardrobe that has fold-away shelves, which can enhance the space even more and prevent it from feeling cramped. 


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