Wednesday, June 21, 2023

I Think He Knows by Katie Bailey: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I fell in love with Carter James Callahan’s smart-mouthed smirk long before it was labeled “The Sexiest Smile In Hollywood”.

I also fell for his broad, muscular shoulders, his impossibly blue eyes, his… Nope!

Not going there anymore.

Because while Carter may frequent my dreams every night, I will only ever frequent his friend zone.

Which is why I’m on an official mission to rid myself of my pesky feelings for him—I’m gonna put myself out there, start dating, and stop hopelessly crushing on my best friend.

Deep down, I know this is for the best. It would never work between us: I’m a single mom with an impressive collection of stained sweatpants, he’s a serial-dating celeb heartthrob who never wants to be tied down to anything or anyone.

So when the media breaks a story that Carter is getting married, nobody is more shocked than I am.

Especially when I click on the article and see that his mysterious fiancĂ©e is… me?!

I Think He Knows is a laugh-out-loud funny, swoony, closed door romantic comedy. Expect mild language, innuendo and suggestive jokes coupled with tons of chemistry and tension, but no explicit scenes.

Katie Bailey writes rom coms to make you laugh, cry, then laugh until you cry again.

She’s a hopeless romantic, and her goal is to always write swoony, funny love stories with memorable characters and lots of heart. Oh, and good looking heroes, of course.

If you like laugh out loud, quirky humor and tons of sizzle and chemistry in your closed-door romances, check out her debut series, Only in Atlanta, today!

I Think He Knows is the second book in the Donovan Family series. While the characters from this series overlap, I think it could be read just fine as a standalone without any confusion. Having read the first book in the series, I was definitely looking forward to this one. And I have to say that while I really enjoyed the first book... I loved this one even more. 

This story focuses on Lana (a single mom) and her best friend (and famous movie star) 
Carter. While we may have met Lana in the previous book, it was really great to see her individual story too. These characters were both written well. Lana is a character that I think many moms are going to relate to. Perhaps more so those that were teenage and/or single moms themselves... but I think those feelings of insecurity that she feels throughout the story are some that many moms share even if our circumstances are vastly different. The way that Carter took care of her and Legs, and strove to make her feel beautiful and worthy? Oh my goodness, yes please! I just absolutely adore these two together--- from their first awkward meeting to seeing their friendship finally take the leap into something more--- I really just couldn't get enough of them! The family dynamics are also absolutely fantastic and hilarious, making this story all that much more entertaining! Gilmore Girls fans will also definitely appreciate all the references on that front--- particularly those that are Team Jess. 

Content to keep in mind: I Think He Knows is a closed-door romance. While there are some sizzling kisses and innuendos, it goes no further than that. 
On 'The Writing Gals Clean and Wholesome Category Content Diagram', it would probably lean towards a level 3. Lana's character was a teenage mother, as mentioned previously, and there is some talk about the loss of a parent. There is language throughout the story. While a slight bit more than typical for the books I tend to read, it was still fairly mild--- no f-word, no using God's name, etc. 

Overall, I thought this was a great read. If you enjoy a good best friend to love story, this is certainly one to check out. 


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