Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Blooms and the Boss by Lindsey Jesionowski: Book Review


 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Blooms and the Boss is part of the Falling for the Boss collection...

Raises, promotions and recognition…

With work, it’s all business and no pleasure, right?

That is until the man who signs those paychecks you work so hard for, makes your cheeks flush and your eyes twinkle when he’s in the room with you.

Surely it’s just a crush. Or is there more to it? Could it be the start of something you didn’t know you wanted?

What happens when that workplace crush suddenly turns into a workplace romance?

This heart-warming, hilarious anthology will bring scandals, laugh-out-loud funny, closed door sweet romantic comedy that's sure to entertain you for hours.

Authors include:

Ashley Zakrzewski & Kaci Bell
J.P. Sterling
Susanne Ash
Barb Shuler
R.S. Jonesee
Tracy Broemmer
Taryn Daniels

Holly Kerr
Samantha Long
Marie Soleil
Cindy Dorminy
Hilary Grossman
Teddy Cat Hester
Lindsey Jesionowski
Grace Worthington
Ashlee Shades
Beth Pugh
Tich Brewster
Leanora Cowan

Lindsey Jesionowski is a wife and mom who does most of her writing in her car in the school pickup lot. She’s a native of West Virginia, a lover of coffee, and a fan of books with happy ever afters—so she decided to write one.

Lindsey’s books are full of heart and humor with plenty of sizzle and no explicit content. Just lots of smiles.

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Blooms and the Boss is a super cute, and super quick read. And I do mean QUICK. If you're looking for a full-length romance you can get lost in for a few hours, this might not be your ideal choice for the moment... but if you're looking for something bite-sized that can be read in one sitting, this is definitely up your alley. This took me less than an hour to read, probably closer to a half hour.

With such a short story, it can often feel like it's in some way incomplete... but I didn't find that to be the case at all here. Do I wish it was longer? Sure! I really enjoyed these characters and their chemistry so I definitely would have enjoyed seeing them in a full-length novel too... but I also didn't feel like the story was missing anything either. There was a lot of story packed into a small package, and I enjoyed absolutely every single minute of it. If you're looking for a short and sweet rom-com, this is definitely worth checking out.


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