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4 Reasons to Bring the Whole Family in For Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

It's important to do your best to make sure that your entire family's oral health is in a great state. That said, note that it's recommended to have a dental checkup done every six months so as to prevent dental problems like cavities. Outlined are four reasons why it's important to bring the entire family along for bi-annual dental cleanings if you'd like to get some knowledge and increase your motivation to do this.

1. You'll Boost Your Family's Overall Health

The first reason why you need to make sure to bring your kids to bi-annual dental cleanings is that when you do so, you can boost their overall health. This is because oral health issues tend to lead to a number of other health issues that may not be easy to find out on your own. This goes beyond dental issues, of which 42% of children aged two to 11 have had cavities or dental caries in their primary teeth. Based on some symptoms like the state of your blood pressure and more, your dentist can help you figure out if you need to book an appointment with your primary care physician for yourself or your kids.

2. You Can Save Money as a Result

With bi-annual cleanings, you may be able to save both time and money. This is based on the fact that if there are any issues with your oral health, you can start to be treated early. Something like a tooth filling can help avoid the future need for a more invasive and expensive procedure like a tooth extraction or a root canal. With bi-annual cleanings, you can also be sure that issues like halitosis may be nipped in the bud quite easily. Keep in mind that bad breath is one of the most common effects of poor dental hygiene, with more than 90% of bad breath originating in the mouth. That said, it's a good idea to make sure that you let your dentist know of specific issues that you're concerned about so that it's easier and faster to handle them.

3. Dental Issues Will Be Detected Fast

With bi-annual visits to your dentist, as mentioned, it will be easier to detect possible dental health issues. This means that these issues need not progress to the point of causing your kids pain and a number of other issues. The earlier an issue is detected, the faster it can be dealt with, allowing you and your family to resume your regular activities without the troubles of oral health issues. Certain dental issues may also respond a lot better to treatment if treatment is started as soon as possible, such as aligning crooked teeth and correcting things like underbites and overbites.

4. Your Teeth Get Professionally Cleaned

Last but not least, bi-annual dental cleanings will ensure that your teeth get professionally cleaned. This will provide an amazing foundation for your family, and all that remains will be maintaining the set standards that your dentist sets during the cleaning. A dentist has the right tools to do thorough and deep cleaning, getting rid of issues like tartar and plaque. They'll reach places that may be hard for you to reach while cleaning your teeth at home by yourself. Afterward, your dentist will also discuss with you any oral health measures that you should focus on when you get back home to maintain your teeth.

These four reasons should motivate you to take your entire family with you to get bi-annual dental cleanings done. By doing this, you'll also set an amazing example for your family. You can be sure that your kids will have an easier time taking good care of their oral health in the future based on this.


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