Tuesday, May 23, 2023

To Fix or Not to Fix? 3 Signs, It Might Be Time to Say Goodbye to Your Car


We can’t help but form a unique bond with our cars, as they help us complete day-to-day tasks and create treasured memories of our time on the road with family and friends. The average age of scrapped vehicles in America is around fourteen to fifteen years, a testimony to this bond we create


So, when our four-wheeled companion starts displaying signs of age, it can prompt the difficult question; “To fix or not to fix?”. From costly repairs and safety concerns, sometimes issues with our cars become too much to ignore. 


To help you decide whether it’s time to open a new driving chapter, we’ve created this article outlining several signs to watch out for that might indicate that it’s time to say goodbye to your four-wheeled companion – keep reading to find out more. 


Irreparable Deterioration  


It’s only natural that your car won’t stay looking like it’s just been driven out of the dealership forever; over the course of owning it, you will amass several scrapes, bumps, etc. While you can try and slow down the deterioration process with regular maintenance, it will reach a point of no return, and it will likely be more than the vehicle is worth to save it. 


If your vehicle has reached this point, you have other options if you don’t have the heart to scrap it, like donating it to an online car directory like Car Donation Center, where you can donate a car to charity (and even save on your taxes!) instead of sending it to be scrapped. Consider visiting their website for information, and discover how this sad time could be turned into something positive. 


No Longer Suits Your Needs 


As you get older, your car will change to reflect your lifestyle. When you got your first run-around, it was likely an old rust bucket that was big enough for a couple of your friends to pile into, yet fast-forward a couple of years, and your life may have changed entirely, meaning that what was once suitable is no longer. 


Likewise, if this has happened with your current car, it is a valid reason for considering a change and should be explored rather than trying to make do with what you already have. Whether your needs require an SUV that can comfortably fit your kids, partner, and dog, or if you need an eco-friendly job to reflect your role as an environmental specialist – your car should suit your needs no matter what. 


Not Safe To Drive 


As a car naturally ages, the more unfit it becomes to drive. Unlike brand-new vehicles equipped with the latest safety features to ensure the owner is suitably protected against all types of road hazards. Therefore, consider investing in a newer model if your current vehicle is approaching the fourteen or fifteen-year mark. 


As well as benefiting from improved performance, newer cars are designed with cutting-edge security measures such as airbags, antilock brakes, traction control, collision warning/detection, automatic crash alert systems, and much more. If your current car has very few of these features or is approaching the fifteen-year mark, it might be time for a change, no matter how bittersweet. 




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