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Tips for Improving Year 4 Maths Skills

Year 4 maths helps students acquire basic concepts they can apply later when tackling more advanced topics. The key here is to help develop understanding, build confidence, and sharpen their problem-solving skills.

However, some kids may struggle to understand some concepts. Here is where patience and consistency come in handy. In this guide are essential tips to help your kids improve their year 4 maths skills.

Regular Practice 

Solving maths problems every day can take your kid to a mastery level. You can set aside half an hour to an hour for practice. The sessions may involve going over concepts they learned in class and finishing up their homework.

As a parent, you can make the challenge more exciting by adding rewards. For example, you can reward your kid for every hour they spend studying maths. Also, reward and recognize performance improvement. This will boost their confidence and morale levels.

Use Online Resources

Online maths worksheets are an excellent tool, especially for homeschooling. The worksheets offer interactive tutorials and quizzes that kids can use to study and practice. Kids learn multiple ways of solving maths problems, which improves their problem-solving skills. If you are looking for the best year 4 maths worksheets have a peek here.

The curriculum used in most worksheets is similar to that used by teachers. This makes it easier for students to follow along, and revise later during their free time. In addition, students using online maths worksheets can form study groups, which encourages collaboration and teamwork.

Hire a Private Tutor

Consider hiring a maths tutor for your kid. The tutor will focus more on the weak areas and spend more time explaining the concepts. This is a good idea, especially if (as a parent) you have a tight schedule.

Private tutors are trained teachers who offer special classes for students either online or at home. The tutor can also help your kid stay motivated and gain new insights and a positive attitude towards maths.

Make Maths More Fun

Studies show that kids may have a negative attitude towards maths if they struggle to understand certain concepts. However, if you make maths more fun, you can help them change their negative perspective.

One way to do so is by making maths more fun. Use real-life examples when explaining certain concepts. A good idea would be to invite them to the kitchen when baking and ask them to help you measure the ingredients. 

You can also play games, for example Snakes and Ladders or Ludo, to help your kid understand basics such as addition and subtraction. Make the games more competitive by adding rewards and celebrating small wins.

Wrapping Up

Teaching maths for year 4 can be tough, especially when introducing new concepts. However, the tips shared in this guide can help you as a teacher or parent improve your student's performance. Be patient with the kids and try different techniques to see which one works out best. 

Encourage kids to practice regularly and reward those that improve. Make the lessons more interactive by prompting the students to ask questions or explain certain concepts to others.


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