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Ripped & Shipped by Savannah Scott: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

If you had asked me if I'd ever be dating Chris St. James, well, let's just say it's more likely Jimmy Choo would name a shoe after me.

Which, Jimmy, if you're out there, the "Ella Mae" would definitely be a big seller. Call me, Mkay?

But, back to Chris. Sure, he's handsome. i mean, his arms are as big as my legs! He's got those lips that would make Michelangelo pause and grab a rock to start sculpting. And when you top his looks off with the whole hero-vibe he has going for him. Yes. He's a fine specimen of manhood.

But, Chris is closed off, and judgy. And even if he weren't, we're from two separate sides of our town.
Remember Romeo and Juliet? That didn't end so well, did it?

Besides, Chris and I don't have any desire to date, or even talk to one another most days.
We're not exactly what you'd call friends.

But, here's the thing. You never know what situations life is going to throw at you. And right now, I'm in a doozie. Which means, Chris St. James--yes, that brawny, broody man--is now my boyfriend.

Well ... He's not really my boyfriend.
But don't tell anyone.

Savannah Scott loves writing happily-ever-after romcoms with scenes where kisses make you melt. Her characters feel like long lost friends, and the settings make you want to take off on a road trip to visit.

You will smile. You will laugh. Yes. You will need coffee because you stayed up past your bedtime reading. Sorry, not sorry.

If you can’t find Savannah, she’s probably hiding with a book, dancing Zumba, or going a little crazy being the fun carpool mom who cranks the tunes and always goes through the drive-thru for copious amounts of sugar and fat on the way home from school.

(Can you keep a secret? I thought so. Savannah also writes as Patty H Scott, which is the Clark Kent to her Superman. If you like clean romance, check out Patty's books.)

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Ripped and Shipped is the seventh and final book in the Getting Shipped! series. These books can definitely be enjoyed as standalones (I've not read them all or read in order myself!), but it's such a good series, it's certainly worth reading them all anyway.

This book... oh. my. goodness. What a book! Ella Mae is a character that was introduced in previous books of the series and was quite frankly--- not always the most likeable character. She was a bit annoying and over the top in many ways. I am so glad that she got her own story, because while at the beginning she might have still been a little annoying-  by the end... she might just be a favorite for me! And Chris--- oh, I just adored his protectiveness! The chemistry between the two was fantastic, and I loved their love story. Who knew a kiss on the cheek could be so stinkin' swoon-worthy!? And yet, Savannah Scott made it so... and I absolutely adored every moment. (Seriously, this scene? Perfection!)

If the moments weren't making me swoon, they were making me laugh out loud. I found myself giggling so many times throughout that my family might have been worried about my sanity. Isn't that how a RomCom should be? It wasn't all laughs either though. There was so much heart in this story and I couldn't get enough of it. 

While again there are some books in the series I've not yet read (and I am glad so that I don't have to say goodbye to this wonderful town just yet), this is certainly my favorite so far and it's going to be quite hard to beat. If you enjoy a fake dating romance with loads of chemistry but nothing beyond kissing, you absolutely don't want to miss this one! 


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