Thursday, May 25, 2023

Just the Fake Fiancée by Chelsea Hale: Book Review

  **Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I agreed to be the fake girlfriend. And then he introduced me to his boss as his fiancée. That was a fun twist!


I agreed to be his girlfriend, but when he introduced me to his boss he called me his fiancée. Being a fake girlfriend for a few weeks was no big deal, but engaged is a whole different ball game. I’m scrambling to learn everything and make sure I make a good impression on everyone during Drake’s company retreat. It’s worth it. Drake has given me the incentive I want to play this role. He’s basically doing me the favor. The fact that he is also gorgeous and a great kisser, is just a bonus.


My promotion and the success of my retreat is riding on how well Scarlett and I can pretend to be a couple. So far, so good. Scarlett is beautiful, intelligent, and fun to be around. She’s exactly the kind of woman I’d want to date for real. But we’re stuck in this dance of pretending—and as she’s found out, I have two left feet. The more that we are together, the more it feels like there is something there for real.

Chelsea Hale is the author of the #1 Amazon bestselling Sundaes for Breakfast series, the #1 Amazon bestselling A Falling for You Clean Billionaire Romance series, and others. She writes sweet, swoony, and flirty romances with sigh-worthy kisses and witty banter.

Chelsea is passionate about writing, reading, Broadway musicals, singing, and capturing life through a 50 mm lens. She loves to travel and gains inspiration for her books wherever she goes.

In her mind, caramel improves every dessert, movies are better with romance, popcorn always benefits from more salt, and cookies are better raw.

She is married to her Prince Charming. They have four children and live near the Rocky Mountains, where they are living their happily ever after every day.

You can find out more about Chelsea, her books, and ways to connect with her on social media at her website:

If you're looking for a cute summer romance, look no further than Just the Fake Fiancee! 

Lately, the faking dating (or engagement, as the case may be) trope has been among my very favorites, so naturally this one drew me in based on the title alone. Because I have read so many, it's always interesting to me to see the unique ways that authors take on the idea... and this one was done well. I enjoyed the meet-cute between Scarlett and Drake and just found their chemistry throughout to be really sweet. I couldn't help but enjoy their stories and root for their happily ever after. With it's beach setting, it definitely gave me all the summer vibes and seems like the perfect summer read. It was quick and fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish! 

This is the second book in the Just Me In Love series. I'd not yet read the previous book in the series and found it read just fine as a standalone. 


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