Thursday, May 18, 2023

But Then She Remembered: How to Give God Your Full Attention in a Distracted World by Katie Westenberg: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

In this frenzied world, it's time to focus your faith.

We live in a loud, opinionated world of staggering distraction. It's not only exhausting, but immobilizing. You are tempted to zone out, binge watch, and doom scroll.

With all of this distraction, it's hard to keep focus on what matters most: God and His nearness in this very moment.
In this powerful resource--part book, part Bible study--Katie Westenberg equips you to focus on what truly matters. Leaning on Scripture, scientific studies of memory, and the power of a renewed mind, she helps you uncover the ancient way of being un-distractible.

Here is the wake-up call our hearts are longing for--and the clear-eyed focus our souls were made for.

Katie Westenberg is the author of I Choose Brave and contributes to Club 31 Women, the Huffington PostThe Gospel Coalition, and Mothers of Daughters. Katie is passionate about speaking truth and encouraging women to keep their eyes fixed on Jesus. Katie and her husband live with their four children in Washington State. Learn more at

It is no secret that we are living in a world that has a lot of distractions competing for our attention. How much time do we all spend just scrolling mindlessly through social media? I know I'm certainly guilty of that. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with spending time on these things in general... it can be a problem when it becomes something that distracts us from more important things--- things like spending more time with God! 

But Then She Remembered takes on that topic and offers us advice on putting our focus on faith amidst the distractions! Each chapter takes on a different topic and reminds us where it is important to focus that attention. It's packed full of scriptural references, but also mixes in some scientific research as well making it a really well rounded and informative read. 


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