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Disclosure: Many thanks to TBN for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

“We journeyed by horse for over 300 kilometers along a path that was not always easy to travel, but absolutely beautiful, made of meadows and forests; sacred places filled with lasting testimonies of faith, full of art of incredible beauty, and views in front of which one can’t but ponder about creation and the miraculous work of our Heavenly Father.”

This was what Andrea Bocelli had to say when talking about his movie, THE JOURNEY, now in theaters. Take a look:

From TBN comes THE JOURNEY, a sacred pilgrimage of hope, beauty, and song featuring Andrea Bocelli and other great artists. A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli combines world-class musical performances with intimate conversations across the awe-inspiring Italian countryside. In addition to Andrea Bocelli, THE JOURNEY features Michael W. Smith, Tori Kelly, Tauren Wells, TAYA, and many others in amazing musical performances across majestic locations.

I was recently given a chance to check out this special for myself to share my thoughts. To be honest, before I sat down to watch, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was aware of who Andrea Bocelli is, and while I certainly admire his amazing talent, it's admittedly not the style of music that I typically find myself wanting to listen to. As such, I wasn't sure I would find much enjoyment from the musical special, but I decided to go in with an open mind... and was pleasantly surprised by how much I truly did enjoy it. 

First and foremost, the scenery is absolutely stunning. This isn't an action-packed special that is going to have you at the edge of your seats by any means but rather offers a lovely sense of peace that I think we all need more of in our lives... especially during this time of year when we try to focus our thoughts on the sacrifice made at the cross. Between the lovely scenery, the beautiful songs, and all of the conversations in between, it was an enjoyable watch that I found myself relaxing as I watched. Some of the music was more classical, or sung in Italian whereas others were more modern songs that I was very familiar with... including a few of my favorites. Each and every one of them was sung beautifully and had me wanting to go back and listen to them again. I was certainly swept away by this beautiful and unique special. 

When asked what he hoped viewers would take away from THE JOURNEY, Andrea Bocelli responded, “My wish is that the movie can offer an invitation to fully live and recognize our daily miracles.”

I think that is certainly a likely takeaway, making it a perfect choice to experience with your family this Easter season. Learn more about the movie here: https://thejourney.movie/

Buy tickets today to see THE JOURNEY in theaters through Easter Sunday. Buy tickets here: https://www.fathomevents.com/events/The-Journey-A-Music-Special-from-Andrea-Bocelli

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