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Matched with Her Athlete Boss by Britney M. Mills: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Being matched isn’t for the faint of heart. Especially after the relationship train wreck I’ve been through.

After a rough year, both in relationships and her career, Kenzie Sullivan has sworn off dating and decided to take the self-employment route. She never thought it would lead her to landing Trey Hatch, her longtime crush, as a client. She tries to keep life separate, but Trey keeps worming his way through every wall she puts up, giving her a sliver of hope that something could happen between them.

Trey is ready to share his busy hockey life with someone. When his agent sets him up to be part of a matchmaking docuseries, he’s not sure that’s the way to find love. But after spending time with Kenzie, and convincing her to try the matchmaking app again, he’s hoping she’ll be one of his matches.

As their relationship progresses, will they stay friends or take things to the next level?

By day, Britney M. Mills is the wife to a builder and mom to five, but by night, she turns into an author, writing YA & contemporary romance stories.

A book lover, former college athlete, and Jane Austen fan, she crafts stories with the idea that anyone can find love. When she's not writing, she spends time playing games with her kids, or shuttling them to and from their activities, watching Sanditon and Murdock Mysteries, or dreaming of future characters while she folds a mountain of laundry.

You can find excerpts of her next project at http://www.britneymmills.com.

Matched with Her Athlete Boss is the third book in the Romance By Love, Austen series. I had not personally read the previous books in the series and found that it read just fine as a standalone. 

I'm not a sports person. I've never seen a hockey game in my life and couldn't tell you anything about the sport if my life depended on it. That said, there's something about a sports romance that I have found myself really drawn to lately, so I was definitely excited about this one. 

Right from the start, I found myself enjoying these characters and their chemistry. This was certainly a true slow-burn romance though. The attraction was certainly there from the start, but actually getting them together? That took a while. I must admit, I don't typically like my romances quite this slow, but it worked for this one.  By the time that moment came, it was certainly worth the wait it took to get there. Overall, I found it to be a quick and enjoyable read and one that fans of sweet romance are sure to want to check out.  


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