Monday, March 6, 2023

Suited for Love by Ash Keller: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

You’d think a town called Friendly would be, well, friendlier.

As a lowly junior buyer for a trendy boutique in NYC, I dream of opening a store that will carry beautiful clothes for women of all body types. So, when I inherit beachfront property from a great-aunt I never knew existed, it’s a dream come true. There’s just one problem: my handsome new neighbor has plans to expand his own business—and he needs my building to do it.

Tuck’s a local. I’m an outsider. With the whole town against me, I may as well pack my bags and leave.

But that’s not my style.

I won’t give up without a fight. But Tuck has a few tricks up his sleeve, too—including spine-melting kisses that I can’t seem to resist.

Suited for Love is a sweet, laugh-out-loud romcom novella that first appeared in the Fall into Love anthology in 2022. It has been edited and expanded to become the first book in the Sticks & Stones Sweet Beach Rom Com series.

Ash Keller writes contemporary romance and romantic comedies that are sweet on heat but big on heart. So, if you love sassy heroines, lovable heroes, witty banter, swoon-worthy kisses and happily-ever-afters, you're in the right place.

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When a book features a Supernatural reference right in the first chapter... consider me sold! From its opening with a hilarious Zumba scene to said Supernatural reference (plus several more mentions throughout), this sweet RomCom drew me in right from the very start and kept me entertained from start to finish.

Suited for Love was a very quick read. With less than 100 pages, it took around an hour to read, if that. Despite its shorter length though, nothing felt overly rushed or as if any story was missing. Would I have enjoyed more time spent with these characters? Absolutely. They were well-written and I really enjoyed getting to know them and could have spent more time doing so. Still, the story felt complete at the end. There was little drama and great small-town charm, plus a great message on body positivity as well.  I haven't personally seen that in many (if any) of the RomComs that I have read, so I thought that was a welcome addition. 

Overall, I found it to be an enjoyable beachy read and one that has me looking forward to seeing what happens next in the series! 


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