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Open Heart Surgery by T.R. Prouty: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

My name is Brandy Glass, and my boyfriend ruined my life…

Now my best friend Tamika is convinced that I need to create a form for any potential suitors to fill out. It’s the only way to prevent my heart from breaking, and getting hurt again.

But when a handsome doctor scores nearly a perfect compatibility score: ninety-one percent, to be exact…can I convince myself that I’m worthy of love? Or will my past forever haunt me and drive us apart?

In this alternating POV, closed-door romance, readers will laugh, groan, and cry with the characters as Brandy journeys to find true love worth keeping. And maybe, just maybe, that includes the striking doctor—Junpei Shura.

Please read the author's note inside for details regarding trigger warnings including abuse and sexual assault.

T. R. is a self-taught author who began her work in 2008 at ten years of age. Always in her own world with her imaginary friends, T. R. strives to turn a blinking cursor and blank page into a humorous world of pure, absolute chaos and mayhem. Join her and her lovable, quirky characters in Crab Cove by following along with her diary-style coming-of-age series—Tomorrow Is Another Day!

Middle Grade not your thing? T.R. has began her branch into the fantasy world! You can read her first YA fantasy romance, Of Tubes and Tides, cowritten by USA Today Best-selling author Anne Stryker!

You can find more about T. R. Prouty by following her on Instagram @regallywritten or by emailing her at regallywritten@gmail.com

I've read a lot of RomComs... but right from the beginning, I knew that Open Heart Surgery was going to be different from any others I'd read in the past. And it most certainly was that, in the best way possible. Before reading, it is important to read the author's note regarding trigger warnings. While not graphic by any means, this book does tackle the difficult topics of assault and PTSD. I've read plenty of RomComs that manage to blend hard topics with the romance and humor, but I felt like the approach in this one was quite different. It was handled very respectfully and gave a beautiful message of hope and worth to those who might have shared a similar experience. 

The romance between Brandy and Junpei was the sweetest... I really loved how he treated her and felt like this was a beautiful reminder of how all women deserve to be treated. There was a rather large misunderstanding between the two that carried on throughout the story, and I was a little confused on how exactly that misunderstanding came to be but I enjoyed the story nonetheless. Overall, I really enjoyed this book... it was quite different in many ways from my typical reads, but had me looking forward to reading more from the author and in this series! 


  1. thanks for your review. I have recently started to read rom coms and this sounds very interesting.


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