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Cutting Out Love by Kaci Lane: Book Review

  *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

I’m fake engaged to the grumpy guy responsible for making me temporarily homeless.

It all started when JoJo’s logging crew crashed a pine tree into my house.

After several failed attempts at temporary housing, he convinces me to stay in his basement. No—it’s not creepy. Or it wasn’t until his eighty-year-old grandpa woke me up the next morning.

JoJo’s explanation to Grandpa Joe for the random woman in their basement?

I’m his fiancée!

Really? Yep.

Why? Because Grandpa refuses to sign over the family forestry business until JoJo gets married.

Still, how hard can it be to fake off an old man who rarely leaves the house?

Pretty hard when you live in a small town . . . and Grandpa reminds you to wear your engagement ring every time you go out.

Oh, and then he announces in church that JoJo and I got married!

As I’m patiently waiting for my house to be deemed livable, I’m busy faking feelings for my fake fiancé/husband to sell the ultimate lie.

Except the more we’re forced together, the less I have to fake my feelings.

Do I fess up that I’m falling in love with the man I fake married?

Kaci Lane is an Alabama girl whose mission in life is to write stories that relate to real-life issues with a bit of comic relief. While unsuccessfully trying to learn Spanish for a decade, she has become fluent in Sarcasm, Southern Belle and movie quotes. She is married to a true Southern gentleman and has two young children, all of which help keep her humility in check.

With a background and degree in journalism, Kaci has written almost everything about anything. Well, except for topics that would make any good Southern Baptist’s face turn the color of a Crimson Tide football jersey.

If you want to learn more about Kaci and fun, behind the scenes of her writing, sign up for her newsletter: https://www.subscribepage.com/v3v3p5.

Cutting Out Love is the 4th book in the Bama Boys Sweet RomCom series. While I'm sure that reading this one will make you want to go back and read them all, it can be read just fine as a standalone as well.

This story had so much going for it! First of all, it utilized a few of my recent favorite romance tropes: grumpy/sunshine, fake relationship (engagement and marriage), and forced proximity.... and it utilized them well. Toss in a meddling grandpa, goats with too much personality, and all the small-town charm you could want, and I truly couldn't get enough. I cannot count the number of times I found myself laughing out loud throughout this book. JoJo and Adrienne were so cute together, and I really enjoyed seeing them come together... despite all JoJo's cluelessness in the romance department. Being very socially awkward myself, I enjoy socially awkward characters... and JoJo certainly was that, leading to some really fun moments. 

Overall, this was a really fun read and one that I very much enjoyed! If you love a good, clean southern romance, this is one not to be missed!


  1. She is one of the authors I hope/plan to try this year. Her books look and sound so fun!


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