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* I was provided an advanced screening of the movie for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

If you are a fan of Christian fiction--- an particularly Amish fiction--- chances are that you are pretty familiar with the name Beverly Lewis. As a New York Times bestselling author, she is perhaps one of the more well known names within the genre. While I cannot say that Amish stories are my go to within Christian fiction, I do enjoy them on occasion and have certainly read a few by her myself. 

So, when I heard that there was going to be a musical movie based on the best-selling book series “The Heritage of Lancaster County” written by Beverly Lewis, I was immediately intrigued. 

Take a look:

Katie Lapp, a young Amish girl, discovers her parents have been keeping a secret from her... she is adopted. Katie decides to seek her birth mother, defying the rules of her Amish village and risking a shunning. Meanwhile, her wealthy birth mother, Laura Mayfield, battling an illness that might take her life, begins a search to find her long-lost daughter to bequeath her inheritance before it is too late. Secretly plotting against her is the gold-digging husband Dylan (played by John Schneider), who is scheming to make sure it is he who inherits her fortune. With the help and prayers of her Christian maidservant (played by Chonda Pierce), they try to foil Dylan’s plan and reunite Katie and Laura.

“The Confession Musical” was adapted for the stage by Emmy-Nominated screenwriter Martha Bolton. It was filmed in front of a live audience and brought to the big screen in this unique movie watching experience. Mystery, intrigue, and romance are woven together with Broadway-caliber music under the direction of award-winning producer Dan Posthuma and film director Stephen Yake with Yake Films. Wally Nason’s songs are dramatic, and Emmy-nominated scribe Martha Bolton sprinkles in comedy as the screen is filled with over 20 actors and dancers, supported by spectacular visuals. The movie was produced by BLUE GATE MUSICALS.

Now, I realize that not everyone is a fan of musicals, but personally I love them. Still, this one was quite different for me in that I cannot really recall ever having watched a play on the screen. As I first started to watch, I admittedly wasn't quite sure about that idea. It seemed like it was going to take away some of that experience of seeing a play in person... but as I started to get into the story and got used to the idea a little more, I found myself really enjoying it. 

As I said, I've read a few Beverly Lewis books in the past, but the series that this was based on was not one of them. As such, I cannot really speak to how the musical compares to the book... but I certainly enjoyed it! There was such a great blend of drama and humor, and yes, the music was great too! When you are dealing with topics of loss and painful secrets, it can very quickly go to a dark place, but the over-the-top theatrics really helped to add a levity that made it all that much more entertaining and created great layers to the story. All of the actors did an outstanding job creating a performance that translated well from the stage to the screen. 

If you're already a fan of Beverly Lewis and the books that The Confession Musical is based on, you're certainly going to want to check this out. Even those who aren't as familiar with her work might find themselves pleasantly surprised as well. I found that by the end, I was really finding myself wanting to read the books too!

While initially the idea of watching a play on the screen certainly threw me off, by the end I didn't think twice about it. This is a complex story that lends well to the stage, and I so enjoyed getting the chance to experience on screen as well. 

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