Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Everything Is Just Beginning by Erin Bartels: Book Review

 *Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

An Immersive Story of Music, Struggle, and Starting Over from an Award-Winning Author

Michael Sullivan is a talented lyricist and a decent guitarist, but since he was kicked out of his band (and his apartment), he's not sure he'll ever get a record deal. Living with his loser uncle in a beat-up trailer and working a dead-end job, Michael has little reason to hope for a better future. Until the invitation for a swanky New Year's Eve party shows up in the mailbox. It's for his uncle, with whom he shares his name, but his uncle is going out of town . . .

On the effervescent night of December 31, 1989--as the Berlin Wall is coming down, the Soviet Union is inching toward democracy, and anything seems possible--Michael will cross paths with the accomplished and enigmatic young heir to a fading musical dynasty, forever altering both of their futures.

Award-winning novelist Erin Bartels enchants with this story of two lonely souls who have exactly what the other one needs--if they could simply turn their focus from what is ending to what is just beginning

Erin Bartels is the award-winning author of We Hope for Better ThingsThe Words between UsAll That We Carried, and The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water. A two-time Christy finalist and winner of two 2020 WFWA Star Awards and the 2020 Michigan Notable Book Award, Erin has been a publishing professional for twenty years. She lives in Lansing, Michigan, with her husband, Zachary, and their son. Find her online at www.erinbartels.com.

Right from the very start,  I  found myself drawn in to this world of music at the end of the 80s/start of the 90s. Perhaps it is because I don't often find a lot of books set in this time period, or perhaps it was the overall unique tone of the book... but this certainly felt quite different than anything I've read in recent history at least. Even the format of the book, with each chapter being a track number on an album made this book feel like it was something unique and special... a small detail perhaps, but one that helped to set the scene in a way that was perfect for the story. Each character was written wonderfully and added something to the story, and I found myself really looking forward to what would happen next.

Being born in '87, I was too young to really remember the timeframe that this story takes place, but there was still definitely a nostalgia factor for this 90s kid nonetheless... and I absolutely loved it. I am sure that those who were a little older will appreciate that even more than I did. 

Overall, this was a unique read and one certainly worth checking out... especially for music fans! 


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