Friday, January 6, 2023

5 Key Considerations When Building Or Renovating Your Florida Home

Are you considering renovating your home in Florida? Or are you building from scratching? Now's the perfect time to get it right!

Florida is a unique region in the country with a different climate and geography, so standard building and materials in other States may not be best here. So you want to be thinking in terms of the temperature, humidity, termites, frequent rainstorms, floods, and hurricanes, among others. If you think about all that, there's little wonder why the construction industry is so regulated in this region.

So, what are the major things to consider when constructing or renovating your home in Florida?

1. Check If The Property Is In A Floodplain

Florida is filled with floodplains, so you have to be cautious. The rule, according to FEMA, is that the improvement must not exceed 50% of the home's value, or it must be raised above the floodplain. Also, how you renovate your home in a floodplain will be quite different from standard renovation in other areas.

2. Treat Wood With Tim-Bor

Tim-bor is a non-toxic insecticide that protects wood and wood products from termites, wood decay fungi, and beetles. You can apply it on boot outdoor and indoor timber surfaces to prevent insect and water damage, which are common in Florida. Thankfully, Tim-bor doesn't stain wood and is odorless, so there's virtually no threat to your health or the appearance of your home. Moreover, it has to be applied when the wood is exposed. That screams building/renovation time.

3. Use Hurricane-Proof Materials In The Exterior

Knowing how frequent and destructive hurricanes are in Florida, there's every reason to use exterior materials designed to withstand storms. Think hurricane doors, windows, siding, and roofing. These materials can considerably limit the impact and damage, reducing loss and the cost of repairs. Go for items with a Florida product approval number, showing they've been tested to withstand up to Category 5 winds and debris.

4. Use Only A Licensed And Insured Contractor

Florida is a highly regulated area when it comes to construction, so you don't want just any handyman tampering with your property unless all you need is minor repairs or aesthetic upgrades. Even changing your entry or garage door requires a license. Heavy penalties may follow if this is flouted. So, choose only a licensed professional for your renovation or building construction in Florida.

5. Consider Energy Efficiency

The building or renovation process is the perfect time to make your home energy efficient. Consider including proper installation, HVAC equipment, a geothermal heat pump, or air ducts in the design. If you plan to do all of that post-construction, more work and funding will likely be required.

There you have it; 5 things you must consider before building or renovating your home in Florida. Following these tips can help prevent losses and high costs in the future. For example, failure to hurricane-proof your home will subject it to severe damage, leading to significant loss and higher repair costs.

You also have to build your home accordingly if it's in a flood plain.

You will feel much safer in your Florida home if you build or renovate it correctly.


  1. Really good tips. I have lived in different countries and regions and really everywhere has its own approach that may not work in other places.


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