Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times by Suzanne Eller: Book Review

   **Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

When you can't find the right words to pray...

In hard times, many of us shy away from God, not sure how to talk to him about what we're feeling. Through her own battles, Suzie Eller has experienced the peace of knowing that prayer is not about the number of words that come out of your mouth or how eloquent you sound. It's about being in God's presence.

When you can't figure out what to say to him, these 90 prayer starters will begin the conversation you've been longing for. Each one is birthed from a specific Scripture, and on each page, journaling space is provided so you can complete the prayer in your own words or simply write what you're feeling. 

Don't let your hurts, fears, or doubts keep you from freely talking to God. He loves you and wants to hear what's on your heart.

Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times is more than a prayer journal. It's more than a book about prayer. Prayer Starters is a book that helps you connect with God, right where you are. 

Suzanne Eller (Suzie) is a bestselling author of 13 books. Her next book, Prayer Starters: Talking to God in Hard Times, will be released in Fall, 2022. Suzie is co-host of the More Than Small Talk podcast with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Watson. She is the host of the daily Prayer Starters podcast, with the KLRC Podcast Network. Suzie has appeared on Focus on the Family, Aspiring Women, The Harvest Show, KLOVE and many others. She served with Proverbs 31 Ministries for 14 years.

Suzie is the founder of TogetHER Ministries. She believes that healed women scoop up other women and run toward the cross together. When she's not writing or speaking, you'll find her kayaking, hanging out with her "littles," finding the best foodie food truck, or hiking. Connect with Suzie at www.tsuzanneeller.com

Do you ever feel like you need to pray and have that much-needed time with God--- but you just don't know what to say? When life is just full of the hard stuff and the words won't come? If this sounds familiar, this is a book that you absolutely won't want to miss! 

Like so many others, the last few years have been quite tough for me... and there are many times that I find myself unsure of exactly how to pray. While I know that God knows what's on my heart even with the words that fail to come, I also know that I want to be purposeful with how I spend my prayer time. I want it to be a meaningful time spent with God. This book really appealed to me for that reason... and it did not disappoint. It really is a great guide to help us to focus our prayers, which is quite relatable for so many of us. It has lots of scripture, practical help, and space to write down our prayers as well. 

At the time of this review, I have not completely worked my way all the way through the book, but I am really enjoying what I have seen so far. If you are looking for some help on knowing what to pray when it doesn't come easy, this is certainly one worth checking out. 


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