Monday, October 31, 2022

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with these Simple Tips

Is your monthly energy usage becoming a thing of concern, and you're wondering if there are any tips or tricks that can make your home more energy efficient? Energy efficiency is all about using less energy to achieve the same results or do the same job, thereby lowering your monthly utility bills.

Making your home more energy efficient requires identifying areas where energy is wasted, switching to low-power devices, and practicing small habits that ensure more effective energy usage. And interestingly, choosing to make your home more energy efficient not only cuts down your bills but also benefits our planet by lowering the emission of pollution such as greenhouse gasses.

So, if you're ready to become more energy efficient, here are simple tips to follow.

1. Lights management

The first thing to do under light management is to switch from incandescent lighting to LED bulbs because the latter uses significantly less energy, is eco-friendly, and does not emit heat or UV rays. Also, when possible, use natural light and switch off your bulbs, such as during the daytime. Lighting alone makes up around 12% of an average utility bill.

2. Lower your thermostat

When leaving the house, lower your thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees, and you will save energy throughout your time outside. After all, you wouldn't be available to enjoy its service. You can also try bringing its temperature one or two degrees lower than normal when indoors. This will hardly have any impact on your comfort while helping you reduce energy usage.

3. Turn off unused devices

Use a photocell or a timer to turn off outdoor lights during the day and have them on at night. Turn off your computer, TV, printer, fax machine, and other devices whenever they're not in use.

4. Use energy-efficient window blinds

Insulating window blinds will prevent the outdoor cold from entering your home during winter, thus saving your heating system from overworking. Also, during summer, they reflect the heat from the sun and stop it from coming in, keeping your home cool and comfortable. As a result, your cooling and heating system will not be overworked, making your home more energy efficient.

5. Dress for the weather

Dressing for the weather when at home can take a lot of load off your venting system. A nice winter cloth can help you stay warm using the natural heat from your body, enabling you to lower the temperature of your thermostat further. Wearing light clothes during summer enables you to keep your AC at a moderate level or even stay a few days without needing its service.

6. Wash with cold water

Around 90% of the energy the washer uses goes towards heating the water while only 10% does the washing. Using cold water to wash your clothes eliminates this energy, making your device more energy efficient and cutting energy costs.

7. Refrigerator and freezer management

Keep your refrigerator and freezer at the recommended temperature to avoid overworking and ensure they are full (but not overfilled), as they are more efficient when full.

Finally, other simple energy efficiency tips include turning off your oven some minutes before the end of the cooking time, performing an energy audit to identify energy wasters, and cooking with a microwave instead of a stove. By following the tips above,  you are sure to see some significant impact on your next utility bill.


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