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Giving Your Words: The Lifegiving Power of a Verbal Home for Family Faith Formation by Sally & Clay Clarkson: Book Review

 **Book received for consideration. All thoughts are my own.

Shaping the hearts, minds, and souls of your children starts with your words.

As a parent, your heart's desire is to guide your children to love and follow God. Yet so many voices are offering help and advice. Whose voice should shape your children?

Sally and Clay Clarkson suggest the answer is as simple as it is powerful: yours. They will show you how to use your own words to shape your child's life for Christ.

The biblical principles and wisdom they offer, drawn from their years of raising four children and mentoring parents worldwide, will equip you as a word-giving parent.

Start here to gain confidence to personally and intentionally cultivate a verbal home, one filled with words of faith formation and spiritual nurture.

Then, when your children "take your words for it," they will hear God's voice.

Sally Clarkson is a best-selling author, world renowned speaker, and beloved figure who has dedicated her life to supporting and inspiring countless women to live into the story God has for them to tell.

Sally hosts a weekly podcast "At Home With Sally" where she invites you into her home, thoughts, and life to share her candid wisdom and winsome discipleship. The podcast reaches women around the world and now has millions of downloads.

Sally has been married to her husband Clay for almost forty years and together they founded and run Whole Heart Ministries an international ministry seeking to support families in raising faithful, healthy, and loving children, in an increasingly difficult culture.

Sally has four children, Sarah, Joel, Nathan, and Joy, each exceeding in their own fields as academics, authors, actors, musicians, filmmakers, and speakers.

Words matter.

As someone who absolutely loves words, that is something I know all too well. The words we say to one another can make such a huge difference... and our words can be such an important part of our parenting journey, one that we may not give all that much thought to.

This book is a good reminder of that. 

I have read many books on Christian parenting, but this one with its focus on words certainly does set itself apart from the rest. It is packed full of helpful tips and scriptural references, which I think is the most important thing when we're looking at Christian parenting. How can we talk about giving our words, if we don't stay in THE Word? I really just found the whole idea behind this book really interesting and thought it was done very well. If you're looking for a good Christian parenting book, this one is worth checking out. 


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