Friday, October 7, 2022

5 Fun Activities To Do With Foster Children

 For foster children, moving to a new family can be scary, and it can take them some time to acclimatise to a new home. By taking part in fun activities and experiences together, you can build your child’s trust and boost their self-confidence. There are a huge number of things you can do in the UK, but if you’re stuck for inspiration, here are five fun activities that you can do with your foster children.

Go to a Theme Park

There are few things that can top the excitement of a theme park. Think back to your own childhood – how much fun did you have speeding around on rollercoasters and eating candyfloss? Your foster child might not have had the opportunity to experience the joy of a theme park before, so spending the day at one of the parks up and down the country is a fun activity that will give them memories to last a lifetime.

Take Them to the Zoo

Animals are great listeners, and for more withdrawn foster children, spending time with our furry friends is a fantastic way to encourage them out of their shell. It’s been proven that pets can help children adapt to the challenges of a foster care environment, but if you don’t have animals at home, a trip to the zoo is a wonderful alternative.

Try a New Sport

Sports are a great leveller and can be a super fun activity to do with your foster child. Trying a new sport doesn’t need to break the bank either – lots of local areas have free-to-use tennis courts, football pitches and skate parks, perfect for foster parents on a budget. The agency you choose to foster through should be able to give you some advice around the activities each child enjoys and depending on your location might even be able to tailor their advice to your own circumstances. Orange Grove Liverpool, for example, offers personalised support for foster parents who want to expand their child’s horizons.

Join the Local Library

Learning and growing is one of the biggest things that you should prioritise when raising a foster child. From taking the time to encourage extra-curricular school activities to sitting down with them to help with homework, education is a key element of fostering that shouldn’t be underestimated. By joining the local library, you can open up a world of learning opportunity for your child and develop their ambition.

Go on a Nature Walk

Fortunately, in the UK there are a number of public footpaths and national trails that take you through grassy fields and woodland, as well as nature reserves and reservoirs that will give your foster child an appreciation for the beauty of nature. A nature walk is also a brilliant way to encourage physical activity in foster kids – and tire them out so you can have a relaxing evening at home! 

Welcoming a foster child into your home is exciting and allows you to grow your family while making a huge difference to a young person’s life. By taking the time to complete fun activities like walking, sports and learning, you can encourage them to try new things and boost their confidence. Then, as your child grows, you can take immense pride in the impact that you’ve had on their life.  


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