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Three Self-Care Tips For Mums

 As a mum, you’re highly familiar with the concept of care but you might be far less familiar with self-care. You’re constantly thinking about your little ones, which means that you may overlook the moments when you should really take time for yourself. In this article, we’ll look at the top three ways in which mums of whatever age can practice self-care. That’s not an indulgence when you’re raising kids: it’s essential for your physical and mental health, and a way to make you a happier and more vibrant role model for your children. 




All self-care requires some support, and that’s especially true for mums who are so busy juggling domestic and childrearing responsibilities. If you’re raising children with a partner, it’s important that you ask them to take the reins from time to time so that you can spend a little time on your own. If you’re a single parent family, your family, friends, or local services will be able to take your kids off your hands for an hour or two so that you can find the space to practice self-care. 


Of course, just having time alone can feel like self-care for a busy mum. But that time is also a gateway to doing the things that mean the most to you, whether that’s relaxing in a spa or spending time with friends. 




Some mums are so busy in a whirlwind of activity that they have little time to concentrate on their own mental health. When they do have a spare minute – when the kids are in bed, for instance – they’re not sure where to begin turning over their various thoughts, feelings and experiences. That’s why many mums choose to spend an hour a week talking with a therapist or counsellor, who can help them direct their thoughts and feelings. 


You can find a counsellor online at changefutures.org.au, whether you’re interested in in-person counselling or online sessions. By having some time each week to speak about yourself, you’ll be able to process the week’s events while addressing issues that you feel are niggling away in the background as you’re raising children. 




The word treats you will now associate with stopping the ice cream van for your kids or taking your children to a theme park on the weekend. But in truth, treats are something that we all need as humans – a reward for our efforts and a way to make us feel good when we’re tired. Treats come in all shapes and sizes, and you’re entitled to haveone from time to time. 


For instance, you might enjoy getting sushi delivered once a week when you’ve put the kids to bed. You might enjoy heading out for a date night and leaving your children in the hands of a babysitter. All of these treats are little actions of self-care – showing yourself that you value your work, effort and time, and that you deserve something that makes you feel good. 


These three key tips are there to inspire you to take more time for yourself and to practice a little more self-care as a caring mum.


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