Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Practical Tips To Deal With Incontinence Embarrassment As A Senior

Millions of men and women struggle with urinary incontinence, and the issue worsens with aging. The problem is embarrassing to the extent that most people suffer in silence. They tend to withdraw from social activities, sports, and outings because the stress of a leaky bladder always haunts them. But dealing with embarrassment should be your top priority if you suffer from the condition. Failing to do it can affect your mental well-being and confidence levels. Fortunately, regaining bladder control is not as challenging as it sounds, even for seniors. You may not resolve the problem fully, but it is possible to experience symptom relief and get life back on track. Here are the best strategies to address incontinence embarrassment as a senior.

Take charge

Although the fear of bladder accidents may keep you from participating in active life during your golden years, you must not let it prevail. The best piece of advice is to take charge and find the underlying cause of the problem. While  incontinence may happen due to aging, you do not have to live with it. You can do plenty of things to resolve the problem and regain control. Seek medical help at the earliest to address the concern.

Retrain your bladder

Besides getting to the root of the problem, you must try to handle it with bladder training. It is a behavioral therapy that helps you increase the time gap between urinating. If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you tend to get into the habit of frequent toilet trips to prevent leakage. However, it only worsens the situation as your bladder becomes more sensitive and overactive. Training your bladder helps reduce the sensitivity and enables it to hold more urine for longer.

Try incontinence underwear

Regaining control over your life and confidence levels is about stepping out and resuming normalcy. You can try  Zorbies Washable incontinence underwear that looks and feel like regular underwear. Look for ones made of soft, high-performance fabrics so that you need not worry about leakage. Also, buying a washable and reusable variant makes sense as it is easy on your wallet. You need not worry about spending big and disrupting your retirement budget.

Rework your dietary habits

A healthy weight can help you resolve the incontinence issue or at least, significantly reduce it. Lowering your BMI helps, so switch to a healthy diet that supports weight management. Steer clear of sugar and processed foods as these are the primary weight gain culprits. Commit to avoiding caffeine and alcohol as they increase urine production. Picking these healthy habits can help you handle the issue and deal with the shame it leads to.

Be more active

Being physically active can also help with incontinence embarrassment. It does more than address your weight woes and boosts your fitness levels as a senior. You can try yoga as it is a scientifically validated method to reduce the symptoms of incontinence. Likewise,  pelvic floor muscle exercises are specifically helpful in regaining bladder control. You can do them anywhere and anytime and get on the road to recovery.

While incontinence is an embarrassing issue for an aging adult, you need not feel ashamed or suffer in silence. Practice these simple measures to regain control over your bladder, mind, and confidence.




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