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4 Thoughtful Ways to Help an Elderly Relative


The ageing process is unstoppable, and you may find the roles between yourself and your loving relatives changing over the years as they require more help from you. Growing health problems can lead to reduced mobility, which means they could require help with daily activities. Although it can be difficult watching your loved ones grow older, you can make sure you’re there for them if they need it. Here are 4 thoughtful ways you can help elderly relatives so that they maintain their quality of life for longer.

Safeguard Their Home

Most people want to age in their home instead of going to a senior living facility, and this is entirely possible if their health allows it. Unfortunately, older people can suffer from reduced mobility and cognition skills.  If they’re living alone, they could get into accidents without anyone realizing it until the issue gets very serious. Luckily, there are ways you can prevent these falls from occurring. Help them safeguard their home by removing potential hazards. This can include getting rid of clutter on steps, adding handrails to both sides of the stairs, and ensuring their home has good lighting. Removing potential risk factors from the home can help your elderly relatives stay safe.

Find Them Extra Help When They Need it

Even with failing health, older people can still live at home for longer with some help. There are plenty of nursing care services that could help your relatives. These services include general health support, medication management, patient advocacy and palliative care. They are performed by registered nurses who have been trained to offer care to older adults. If you notice your relative’s health worsening, seek out extra help so that they can remain at home safely.

Broach Difficult Topics That Will Help Them in the Future

It can be difficult to talk about the future, especially with an elderly relative. However, getting things out in the open can empower your loved one later on in life. While your relative is in the right frame of mind, encourage them to get their private affairs in order. Having a Will in place will help ensure their wealth, property and possessions are allocated to the right people. In addition, giving someone they trust the power of attorney will give them more control over their life should they find themselves in a situation where they cannot make serious decisions due to an illness or an accident. Atkins Dellow Solicitors have expertise in creating Wills and making Lasting Powers of Attorney. They can give you and your loved one sound advice about what you need to do.

Encourage Them to Participate in Social Activities

Experts suggest that social isolation, living alone, and the feeling of loneliness are associated with an elevated risk of early death. According to research 50% or people over 60 are at risk of social isolation. From losing touch with friends and loved ones passing away, as well as the change of culture that happens around them, older people might find themselves socializing less as they age. In addition to visiting as often as possible, you can reduce their risk of loneliness by encouraging them to socialize more with others.


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