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How To Get A Good Nights Sleep


A good night’s sleep can often feel like a fairy tale, something that sounds magical in theory but may never come to fruition. Not only are sleep problems a massive issue all over the globe, but pair them with this heat, and you have a whole different kettle of fish on your hands.

This piece is going to take a look at how you can get the good night’s sleep that your body deserves – as soon as possible!

Read on to find sweet dreams.


Tire Yourself Out


There is an art to tiring yourself out, and it is not necessarily going for the longest run you can face or making sure you get up at the crack of dawn and avoiding any type of napping. No, the best thing you can do to tire yourself out is to go and have a novel experience. Not only is this great fun because you will be trying something new, or something that you do not engage with regularly, but it also makes your brain work a lot harder- which is tiring! It can’t be on autopilot for something it has not been able to create ‘mind maps’ for, so it has to work.



Get Blacked Out


Get your mind out of the pub! For a decent sleep, you want as much light out of the room as possible. This is because light signals to the brain that it is time to get up. So, whether you are having an afternoon nap that is usually so strongly advised against or you have street lights outside that shine into your room at all hours of the night – investing in some blackout shutters or curtains will change everything.



Implement a Wind-Down Routine


Your mind is very good at working overtime when you allow it to, and usually, this happens just when you are trying to get to sleep. All of a sudden you remember something that happened to you on Thursday the 6th of May when you were five years old, and your brain is telling you that thinking about it is an urgent requirement.

To avoid nights like these, along with rumination and tossing and turning, try to implement a wind-down routine to get your brain and body ready for bed.

Activities that can help include:


1.     Reading a book before bed – though nothing too exciting!

2.     Taking a bath or shower around two to three hours before bedtime – this helps your body to lower its core temperature, which can help make you sleepy.

3.     Eating carbohydrates and proteins such as turkey and cottage cheese – these encourage tryptophan, an amino acid that can help aid sleep.

4.     Get rid of blue light – blue light can block the hormone melatonin, which tells you it is time to get sleepy. If you must use electronic devices to unwind, then opt for using the night shift feature, which gets rid of blue undertones that keep you awake and replaces them with warm hues.




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