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What to consider when divorcing


It is never easy to go through a divorce. The thought of transitioning from the life you were used to, the person you were with for years and even decades, can be overwhelming or scary. We are constantly reminded of how difficult this transition can be by the seemingly never-ending articles giving us advice on what we should know before going through with a divorce. We are told what to consider, what to do or not do, and how to improve the chances of a better outcome. This article tries to round up the best advice.

What to consider

Whether you are looking for divorce lawyers in New Jersey, or are simply concerned about the direction your marriage has taken, this article provides an understanding of what you should consider when thinking about getting a divorce or going through with one.

1. How much is your spouse worth?

This is one thing that is brought up again and again in articles written about divorces. The divorce process has a lot of financial factors, and personal wealth and income are two of the most important. Divorcing couples will be dividing debt, assets, and possibly child support or alimony payments as well. Understanding how much these things are worth is crucial to an equitable division of items.

2. What about your spouse's debts? 

It is very common for couples to have accumulated debt during their marriage. The average household has more than $6,000 in credit card debt alone, and many other types of loans and bills are not uncommon. When a couple decides to divorce, they must decide how to handle these debts. How they are handled will depend on the nature of the debts, who holds them, and other circumstances.

3. Child custody

Child custody is one of the most important factors in any divorce. It is crucial to be sure you understand how your children are cared for if and when you end your marriage. If one parent doesn't agree with the other's parenting style and preferences, the stability of having parent-child relationships can be compromised. When parents do not want a divorce, they should make sure they have an agreement in place which will maintain a stable atmosphere while still allowing parents to have some flexibility when it comes to how they spend free time with their children.

4. Child Support

Whether or not child support will be required to help couples care for children must be discussed before going through with the divorce. As stated, child custody determines how the children are raised, while child support is generally required so that one parent can continue to raise them after the divorce. Alimony payments make up a significant portion of many divorces, and situations may arise where payments must be made in addition to support.


While the list of things to consider before filing for divorce is extensive, there are important factors that should never be overlooked. The only way to ensure you do not experience any surprises during the divorce process is by knowing where you stand before going through with it. Several factors are involved and understanding them will allow you to make an informed decision regarding your future as a parent after divorcing your spouse.


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