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The Ohana Cottage by Megan Reinking: Book Review

  **I received a complimentary copy for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

When Mia Taylor finds herself fresh off of a breakup and in desperate need of a getaway, she escapes the harsh Minnesota winter and embarks on a solo trip to Hawaii. There, she rents an Ohana Cottage, the perfect little place to call home for the next month while she recharges and gains clarity on the next steps of her life.

John Byrd is an Army veteran, dealing with his fair share of trauma from his time in the war. He's hell bent on keeping to himself and shutting everyone out. That is, until his new tenant, Mia Taylor, shows up to rent his cottage.

She's outgoing, adventurous and chatty.

He's broody, quiet and standoffish.

Can he successfully manage to avoid her too? Or could she be the one person to finally break down his walls?

Megan Reinking is a wife and mother who lives in Minnesota, where she spends her days reading, writing, or chauffering her three children around town. She's a homebody who loves quiet, lazy days and connecting with family and friends.

The Ohana Cottage is the first book in the new Hawaiian Getaway Series... and what a fun start to the series it was. 

When Mia rents a cottage in Hawaii to get away after a breakup, she finds herself falling for the handsome but broody cottage owner John. This cute romance is perhaps a little bit predictable at times (think Hallmark-like), but oh so enjoyable nonetheless. The chemistry between the two was great and though it tackled some heavier topics like PTSD from military service in a way that didn't sugarcoat, it still remained a fun, light-hearted read overall. I really enjoyed it.

Because I do typically review mostly Christian fiction (or otherwise more squeaky clean) reads, it's important to note that this does have some language, and behind closed doors love scenes. While it is clear what has happened, no in depth details are given beyond heavy kissing. It's cleaner than many mainstream romances, but definitely not one for younger audiences. While I could have done without the language myself, I still found myself enjoying the story overall and will look forward to reading more from this series and author. 


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