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Simple Ways To Feel Better Daily

 It can be difficult to feel your best every day. Sometimes a bad mood is just like a passing cloud, which goes away after a time and leaves the sunshine in its place. Other times, though, you can get yourself into a real funk that seems to last forever. When this happens, it is hard to know how to make yourself feel better. Far from being able to make long-term plans to improve your mood or collecting new activities to add to your future trajectory, these mood dips can leave you unable even to face your everyday life.


If you’ve ever found yourself in this position, you know how tricky it can be to shake it off. Knowing where to start seems impossible and trying anything at all feels hopeless. Here are a few simple ways to help you shift a funk and feel better on a daily basis.


Simplify Life For Yourself


When you’re in a long-term bad mood or going through a bit of a low, complicated daily tasks and chores can really get you down. In order to avoid getting stuck with feelings of incapability and annoyance when you have to make lots of small decisions, make your daily routines as simple as possible.


You can start by examining what you wear every day: little frustrations like the fit of a pair of socks or belt can really ruin your mood first thing. In order to keep yourself feeling happier for longer, try making some changes to those basic dressing routines in order to simplify life. You can start by making different accessory choices – reading this post about the different types of belts, for example – or asking others in your life what their routines are so that you can keep it easy and effective.


Talk To Other People


Talking to others when you feel down or uncertain is a great way to shake it off. Research has shown how important it is to get the perspective of another person is key to feeling confident and capable, and the only way to go about doing that is to talk to them! It can seem daunting, when you’re feeling low, to reach out to others, but it can be the make-or-break difference between waking up the next day feeling just as rotten!


Other people can also help you shake yourself out of your funk: suggestions from other people about activities, topics of thought, or habits can be just the inspiration you need to change up your own feelings on life through action. 


What’s more, of course, there is the naturally validating and comforting assurance from others that what you’re going through is normal. Don’t be shy to ask for what you need. You’d be surprised at how effective it is simply to ask someone else ‘Do you go through grumpy periods too? I feel really low right now.’ You’re likely to get a reassuring and helpful response from someone who has been there before!


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