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How To Give Up Materialism & Embrace Spirituality


Life isn't easy, and some days get challenging even for the strongest people. You feel weary in the battles and find yourself stuck in challenging phases. The only way to get through spiritual struggles is by remaining steadfast, strong, and faithful. These traits enable you to rise above the fear and temptations and walk on the path of righteousness. The teachings of Christ highlight the significance of letting go of old habits, patterns, or sins and focusing one's thoughts and heart on spiritual things. But it is easier said than done when materialism ties you down. Fortunately, you can do your bit to give up materialism and embrace spirituality. Here are some ways to purge and restart.

Make a choice to let go daily

The best way to give up on earthly things is by making a choice to let go of something daily. You may consider giving up toxic attitudes, relationships, or temptations and start afresh. Ask God to show the way, and you will see things you need to give up more clearly. You only need to be strong enough to leave them behind for good and move forward into healthy new places.

Follow the instructions in God's Word

God has specific instructions for human beings, guiding them to the right spiritual path. Following these instructions prepares you to leave things that do not matter and pick more meaningful ones. The battle to overcome temptation for worldly things is real and intense, but God's Word works like armor to protect you. It will be easy to overcome obstacles once you commit to staying true to His Guidance

Listen to God's voice

Make a conscious choice to listen to God's voice because He always shows the right direction. Materialism and spirituality are two opposite sides of the spectrum, so the choice is always clear. According to Carmelite Monks of Wyoming, praying is the best way to hear His voice. Set aside time for prayer every day, and commit to following the schedule religiously. The more you listen to His voice, the less you feel attracted to material things.

Recognize that life is bigger than you

Materialism stems from focusing on yourself and your needs and wants. But realizing that life is bigger than you opens you up to embracing spirituality. Look around yourself and recognize the needs of others, whether your loved ones, colleagues, or the community. God emphasizes the importance of helping others, so follow the teachings and devote your time and money to acts of service.

Guard your heart against sin

Your heart dictates your choices and shows the way ahead every day. The temptation of materialism can lead to sin, so you must guard your heart against sinful thoughts, actions, and decisions. Fill your heart, mind, and thoughts with the right things so that temptations do not have any room to enter. Remember that His Word offers protection and keeps you from making the wrong decisions and choices.

There are no shortcuts to giving up on materialism, and you have to invest efforts into making the right choices. You can follow these simple measures to embrace spirituality and steer clear of material temptations.


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