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Easy Ways to Get More Fish in Your Diet


Fish is incredibly good for you. It contains a range of very important vitamins and minerals, as well as things like omega-3 fatty acids, which our diets often lack. It’s fairly low in saturated fat, and high in good-quality protein. Fish can reduce mental decline as we age, and boost growth and brain development while we are young. Even better, it tastes fantastic and is easy to cook. 

But most of us very rarely eat fish. It’s often something that’s seen as a luxury or treat, or something that we only enjoy on specific days, like a fish and chip dinner when we’re at the beach. We’re often guilty of getting stuck in a rut with our diets. We eat the same things each week and stop trying new things. 

This can mean that our diets are bland, lacking in key vitamins and minerals and that we’re more likely to binge on unhealthy treats. Introducing more fish can add variation, as well as key nutrients. Here’s a look at some of the easiest ways to get more fish in your diet. 

Make it Easy

If you are looking to add anything to your diet, you want to make it as easy for yourself as possible. You won’t eat more fish if every meal means going to a special shop and spending hours preparing and cooking

Get it Delivered

Start by finding a fishmonger, like sandysfish.net who has a great range of products and will deliver your order to your door. 

Freeze it

Then, make sure you always have some fish in your freezer ready for an easy and quick meal. Most fish freezes really well, and you can even buy things like cod portions already frozen so you can just take a fillet out for a quick lunch.

Keep Tinned Fish in

Fresh is often seen as the only healthy way to eat fish. But things like tinned tuna, salmon and mackerel have the same levels of nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids as fresh options and are ideal to keep in your cupboard. 

Find Some Great Recipes

Fish is really easy to cook. But buying lots of it without a plan is a mistake. Take some time to look at some fish recipes that you’d like to try, and then order the fish that you need. Creating meal plans can help you to get organised. 

Enjoy Fish for Breakfast

Fish isn’t just for salads and delicious dinners. Enjoy smoked salmon with poached eggs, or with cream cheese and bagels for breakfast for a nutritious start to your day.

Create Fun Family Meals

If you want your whole family to eat more fish, you might want to try to make it fun and interesting. Colourful meals thatthe kids can put together themselves, like fish tacos, or tuna pizza can be enjoyable. 

Swap it for Meat

Typically, any meal with meat, and especially chicken, can be made with a white fish like cod or halibut. Try straight swaps in your favourite recipes. 

Once you’ve found a few kinds of fish, and recipes that you like, eating more fish should be easy. But remember, even something simple like a tuna sandwich, or tuna and sweetcorn on a baked potato, counts.


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