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Catching Hope Blog Tour: Spotlight + Giveaway


Catching Hope JustRead Blog + Review Tour

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Catching Hope by Kathy Cassel, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Catching Hope
Title: Catching Hope 
Author: Kathy Cassel 
Publisher: Haven Point Publishing 
Release Date: March 22, 2022 
Genre: Teens/YA, Christian 

Catching Hope: A pursuit fraught with danger. 

Newly adopted Lexi Michaels is taking her first real vacation as she, twin brother Levi, adoptive brother Chad, and new cousin Jen head to Haiti where their dad, a pediatrician, will be volunteering in an island clinic. But who is the man who displays such hatred for the Michaels when they arrive at their resort? Is an attempted burglary as random as it appears? Will Jen ever accept the newcomers to the family? When the four teens set out to explore Haiti’s sights and history on their own, an unexpected encounter and natural disaster plunge them into adventure and danger. With their very survival at stake, can the four teens work together, or will Lexi’s dream of a “forever family” end in tragedy? 

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Kathy Cassel 

Kathy Cassel is the author of eleven books for Christian preteens and girls and three Young Adult Fiction books.

Kathy grew up in northern Indiana, lived on three different continents while her husband was in the USAF, and now lives in the Florida Panhandle. She and her husband have eight children, five of whom are adopted, three from Haiti and two from the United States. They also have six grandchildren. Kathy’s favorite activities are those that involve traveling and adventures that include her children and grandchildren. In order to better relate to the characters in her stories, Kathy has done things such as whitewater rafting, certify in scuba diving, and get her motorcycle endorsement. She draws the line at sky diving. 

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Going headfirst down a rushing river isn’t good. I remembered
when Dr. and Mrs. M took us whitewater rafting a few months
ago. We were instructed that if we fell out of the raft we should lie

on our backs and put our feet in front of us. That way we’d hit
submerged rocks with our feet, not our heads.
This knowledge was no help at the moment. I was nothing
more than a rag doll being pitched about. Had I truly escaped the
kidnappers only to die in the river anyway? Which was worse?
Where was Levi? And Chad and Jen? I could see nothing
but roiling, brown water.
I shut everything from my mind except what I needed to
do. My survival required keeping my head above water. At least I
wasn’t crashing against any boulders. After what seemed an
eternity of tumbling and tossing like a washing machine, the river
current slowed enough for me to get into the feet-first position. I
had to focus all my effort on staying that way.
I rounded a curve. Ahead of me, I could see where part of
the river widened into a calm, flat surface. If I could only
maneuver my way into the still water! I kicked, trying to get to the
edge of the water, fearing I’d never reach it.
Then as though the river had decided to spew me out, I
found myself floating gently toward the bank. I put my feet down
and discovered mud under my sneakers. Sloshing to the edge, I
pulled myself out.
A new panic gripped me. Where were the others? Was I
ahead of them, or had they been pulled past this spot, unable to get
out? Or were they even still—no, I wouldn’t let my thoughts go
there! They had to be okay. Especially my twin.


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  1. Thank You for the review.

  2. Great excerpt, Catching Hope sounds like a book that I want to share with my granddaughter! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a wonderful day!


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