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Pet owner's guide to tackling different dog tantrums


Human beings have been petting dogs for the longest time. Dogs have slowly learned to stay with humans, but humans have to learn a lot about the doggie world. Many people love to have pet dogs because the furry creatures are incredibly loving. They are always there for us and pour us hugs and kisses. However, their behaviors and tantrums at times can be stressful and destructive. Pet parents need to determine their dog's tantrums and address them. Find some tried and tested tips for tackling different dog tantrums.


Common dog tantrums

There are several dog tantrums, but some of them are very common. It can be a tantrum or the result of a health issue. It would help if you first specified the cause of bad behavior before starting with the correction tips.





      Uncontrolled urination

      Play biting

      Biting and growling

      Chasing and more.


Everyday tips for tackling different dog behaviors

A dog can develop improper habits regardless of his age. If you find your dogs misbehaving or showing tantrums, you can use the following tips to curb the behavioral issues.


      Train your dog: You should familiarize your dog with common commands like sit, come, stay, or lie down. It would help if you were how this is related to any dog's destructive behaviors, but it is. Pet parents who use reward-based training for their dogs opine that it is highly effective. You can consider bully sticks as a reward for the dog when he does something you ask him. Pet owners should keep practicing old commands while teaching new ones.

      Add exercise daily to release energy: You need to ensure that your dog's energy is channeled in the right direction. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog has a good exercise routine to channel his energy. You can connect with the veterinarian to understand your dog's exercise needs. Set a proper way so the dog cannot chew shoes or jump on you.

      Consistency is the key: Preventing the dog from learning bad behavior is more effortless than correcting him. Whether you have to correct or prevent him from anything, you should be consistent with your effort. All the members in the house should follow the same tips and rules when it comes to setting your dog's behavior. For instance, the furry friend will learn to beg if you do not slip off treats to your dog from the food shelf, but other members do.

      Teach him separation: Most dogs behave unruly and badly due to separation anxiety. Therefore, you must teach him to stay away from you. You can do this by letting them stay in their kennel even when you are home. It is hard to resist their company, but it is for their good. Replace your 'goodbyes' with 'we'll meet soon.' it will help your dog understand that you will be back in some time and there is nothing terrible in staying alone or without the parent at home.


Wrapping it all up

You'd be surprised to find that pouring excessive love on your dog can lead to him learning destructive behaviors. To prevent the furry friend from jumping on people, begging for food, chasing others, etc., you should set up a routine to train him well. Like a parent would act strictly with his child to make him learn a few things, you should also do that with your dog.



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