Monday, May 23, 2022

How to Build a Church




With 47% of the U.S. population belonging to churches, you might be wondering how you can engage more people in the faith. Your community could benefit from the deep connections that come with church attendance. But how do you get started?

Stay with us as we explore how to build a church!

Identify Your Vision

Understanding how to build a new church starts with articulating a vision. Perhaps you have a mission statement for your church or congregation. The statement of need that you put forward will inform the scope of your building needs, as well.

For example, are you hoping to focus on local outreach to serve the community? You might need more dedicated spaces for meetings and a smaller sanctuary. Or if you want to focus on ministry for children and other groups, you might need more classroom space.

Create a Committee to Determine Needs

It's always better to brainstorm in a group, and that holds true when building a church. Assemble a group whose focus is to translate the church's mission into a physical space. Bringing together committee members means diversifying your approach to how to get a church building.

If you're creating a new campus that connects with an existing church, consider a mix of people. This could include existing congregants and members of the new community.

That way, you'll have checks and balances in place. You'll avoid cloning an existing church from the inner city when you need a church that appeals to a suburban population.

Secure Financial Backing

Do you know how to fund a church building? Being a good steward of resources is a big part of any faith-based community. While you may have some funds as a starting point, you may need to launch a capital campaign.

Hold events, like dinners or festivals, to raise money. And don't be afraid of making direct asks to foundations and other community entities.

Find the Right Builder

Finally, you'll want to choose a reputable builder with experience helping church congregations. This will speed up the process since the builder will have a gallery of building plans that you can modify.

Alternatively, you may want to start with an architect. They can provide digital renderings of options with the layout you want. In some cases, you can find firms with both architects and builders on staff.

Your best bet is to get bids from multiple contractors before committing to one. It's also wise to reach out to church leaders of other new churches in the regions to learn about their experiences.

And turn to American Steeples for custom steeples, cupolas, and other architectural features. After all, you want your space to invite a reverent attitude as people prepare for worship.

Learn How to Build a Church

Are you still wondering how to build a church? First, you'll want to craft your vision and gather a trusted group of people to weigh in on the process. Then you'll need to raise money and find a builder who can help you meet the needs of your community.

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