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Why Do We Wear Jewellery


People have been wearing jewelry for centuries. We are so used to hanging shiny metal around our necks and putting sparkling hoops on our fingers and ears that we might not even really think about why we do it!


This piece is going to take a look at why we wear jewelry and what the actual benefits are that we get from this practice.


Read on to find out more.



The History of Jewelry


The history of jewelry is an interesting and extensive one, and many of the reasons that jewelry was first worn are still the same reasons why it is being used today.


Back in ancient Europe, jewelry was used to showcase status and hierarchy, and while there is still a vast element of that – see 7 Rings by Ariana Grande – jewelry is far more accessible to everyone these days, even with precious metals and the much sought-after diamond.

Gold used to be seen as extremely rare but is now commonplace amongst the general public. But if people are not using it to announce their status, why else are they wearing it?



Sentimental Value


Many of us have a piece of jewelry that has been given to us or bought for us by ourselves to commemorate a special occasion. The most obvious form of sentimental attachment to a piece of jewelry is a wedding ring. We wear wedding bands to symbolize to the world we have found what we hope is an undying love. There are also other pieces of jewelry that might have been handed down by our grandparents or parents that hold special meaning for us, or even just a meaning we have created for something too – such as getting a pair of earrings for passing an exam. If you want to treat yourself or a loved one for something meaningful, head over to chapter79.co.uk to find the perfect piece.



For Accessorizing


Nothing can bring an outfit together like accessories, and jewelry is high on this list! You can use a necklace to brighten up a t-shirt, multiple rings to create an edgy aesthetic, or some beautiful earrings to bring out an updo hairstyle.

The best thing about jewelry is that you can get your hands on many inexpensive pieces that still really look the part and can elevate your outfit.


It Boosts Our Confidence


When we wear jewelry that we believe represents who we are and our personality, it can help us feel more confident. Just like wearing the right outfit can make us feel a million dollars, having the right accessories can also help us improve our self-esteem about how we look. Some jewelry pieces become such a staple that people do not feel themselves if they leave the house without them!


There are many reasons why people love wearing jewelry and why, based on its history, it will most likely still be around for years to come. Ask yourself why you like wearing your jewelry pieces so much!






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