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With all the bad news all around us, sometimes it's nice to just sit back and watch a movie that offers us a little encouragement... a story that will make us feel good and offer a little glimpse of the impossible becoming possible! That is truly just the type of movie Tyson's Run is. Take a look:

About the Movie: When fifteen-year-old Tyson attends public school for the first time, his life is changed forever. While helping his father clean up after the football team, Tyson befriends champion marathon runner Aklilu. Never letting his autism hold him back, Tyson becomes determined to run his first marathon in hopes of winning his father's approval.

With the help of an unlikely friend and his parents, Tyson learns that with faith in yourself and the courage to take the first step, anything is possible.

Now, as a mother to an autistic teenager myself, one might think that I would automatically be looking forward to this type of movie. If I am being honest though, I'm always a little bit apprehensive. While naturally it should be a good thing, that is only the case however if it is done well. Many movies either tend to gloss over the bad... or skip over the positives... when dealing with autistic characters. While it's impossible to fully capture everything that autism is in just one movie--- after all each person on the spectrum is so vastly different--- I did feel like Tyson's run did a good job of capturing this particular individual. 

On one hand, it was a bit difficult to watch at points, as not everyone was the kindest to Tyson. Even within his own family, the relationship between him and his father was strained and he sought his approval more than anything. This is unfortunately a reality for many. Seeing him being teased by fellow students on screen definitely pulled at this mama's heart knowing that this is something my own child has dealt with too. 

Still, I enjoyed watching him overcome that and strive to learn to run as fast as the best definitely made this a feel good movie, and one based on a true story too. It is a heart-warming story of overcoming odds, changing perceptions, and of love winning. While I may have seen bits and pieces of my son in this movie personally, I feel in one way or another this is a movie that ALL of us can likely relate to in one way or another. Many of else have felt like we have fallen short of the expectations set out for us, many of us strive to please someone in our lives-whether that be a parent, a friend or even ourselves. 

Of course, a good soundtrack never hurts and it certainly has that too. Four-time Grammy Award-winning gospel singer Yolanda Adams recorded If You Believe, an original song, just for Tyson’s Run! 

It truly is an inspiring story and one not to be missed. It will be in theaters March 11. Buy your tickets TODAY to see TYSON’S RUN in theaters at the links below. 

Website: https://tysonsrun.com/

Tickets: https://tysonsrun.com/tickets/

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