Saturday, February 5, 2022

Online Money-Making Ideas for Stay At Home Moms


Compared to 5 years ago, home-schooling has exponentially grown in popularity, especially here in Thailand. This is due to several reasons; a lack of confidence in schools, the pandemic and the fact that many moms are now working from home. Of course, we all need to earn a living and in this short article, we offer a few ways that a stay-at-home mom can earn a few dollars on the Internet.

  Invest in an online franchise – You could supply 100% natural fruit juice for function events that comes in powder form, or you could join forces with a natural food supplier and have your own region. Google ‘online franchises’ and this will bring up an endless list of digital franchises that can make enough money for a decent lifestyle. Of course, you would have to dedicate yourself to the project, especially in the early days, which might prove challenging with a couple of kids around you all day.

  Blogging – If you’re a good writer, why not make some money doing what you love? Search online for web content agencies, they are always looking for new writers; you might have to take an online grammar test, which is no problem if you’re a native English speaker. The digital marketing industry needs a lot of quality web content and as you gain more experience, you can command a higher rate of pay.

  Doing online surveys – If you have the patience to sir for a few hours a day and fill in product surveys, you can make some extra money. It can be a bit monotonous, but even an hour a day will rack up money in your PayPal account. What kind of products would you have to review? Shampoos, skin creams, mobile apps, toothpaste and many domestic appliances, plus a whole host of cosmetic and health products. Here are some cool plastic recycling activities to keep your kids busy.

  Sell stuff online – Setting up your own ecommerce website might seem like a real challenge, yet it isn’t that difficult if you outsource your web needs. If you want to be successful, you will need to invest heavily in SEO services, in order to drive traffic to your e-store. Logistics is something you need to outsource to a local 3PL company, which means you won’t have to handle any merchandise; all the picking, packing and delivery is handled by a specialist.

  Trade Forex – If you are good with numbers and have a few hundred dollars to invest, you could learn the basics of Forex trading; start with pretend money and see how you get on and with lots of research, it is possible to turn a profit.

Any mom that takes care of their kid’s schooling deserves a medal and if you are also looking to make some money online, we hope this article helps you to achieve just that. Here is some government information about setting up a business in Thailand, which you might find useful.



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