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Home Renovation Ideas for the Reluctant Couple


Not everyone is a fan of renovations, and many prefer simpler DIY projects or minor repairs. Also, if you’re a retired couple, you may have extra time but be more limited by mobility issues such as kneeling or climbing a ladder.

It’s important to take the above factors into account when considering what parts of the home to renovate. Whether to try and do it all yourself is another consideration. For many a reluctant couple looking to avoid arguments in a happy home, hiring a professional might be a better plan for major projects.

Here are some home renovation ideas for reluctant couples.

Jazz Up the Kitchen

Where the floor is weathered and parts of it have broken apart, but the kitchen otherwise is in good condition, it may be necessary to replace only the flooring.

Geometric Victorian floor tiles will accent an otherwise plain-looking kitchen and transform its appearance. Other than their attractive aesthetic, they also reflect the light, so they could increase the luminance near the lower cabinets too.

Convert a Bedroom into a Home Office

Couples that are now working part-time or who have retired already may benefit from converting a seldom-used spare bedroom into a home office.

When one or both people still have a few consulting gigs on the side or are thinking about starting a side hustle, then an isolated workspace is required.

Aim to be fairly minimalist in the design of the office. This avoids visually clogging up the space with unnecessary items. Try to keep it more functional, so work gets completed and then the office door is closed for the day. Take this as the design cue for what a home office needs.

Repaint the Walls

Selecting a new colour for the walls is a design consideration to explore together. This means checking on colour swatches in a hardware depot to decide as a couple which one will be perfect.

Bear in mind that the hue will likely appear a little different when painted because of the difference in natural light levels and how the light bounces off different surfaces. Nevertheless, picking out what’s best as a couple avoids needing to repaint later because one partner took an intense dislike to the first choice.

Replace the Fencing

Clarifying the property line by repairing or replacing fencing along the perimeter is a task that often gets forgotten about when career minded. Unless it’s practically falling apart, it’s a DIY task to leave to another year… and then another.

Perhaps now with a bit more time, it’s possible to look at the fencing and see how deteriorated it has become? In some situations, slats can be replaced or repaired, and re-stained or repainted. However, if the overall condition is poor and the fence won’t last much longer, a decision may need to be made to replace it with an entirely new one.

Replacing the fencing is a task that a reluctant couple shouldn’t attempt. There are plenty of fencing contractors with a range of fencing materials to pick from who will do a professional job.

Pick and choose between the projects to take on and those to hire someone to complete for you. It’ll save you a considerable headache later by not biting off more than you can chew.







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