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Clifford the Big Red Dog: Blu-Ray + DVD Available Now

**Movie received for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

When Emily discovers her little red puppy named Clifford has grown ten feet overnight, she turns to her eccentric Uncle Casey for help. But when a mad scientist tries to capture the larger-than-life playful pup, it takes the entire neighborhood to hide Clifford as they race across the city. Get ready for the incredible, laugh-out-loud comedy adventure that is BIG fun for the entire family!

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG Digital* & Blu-ray Bonus Content
  • Part of the Pack— Get a behind-the-scenes look at Clifford's big movie with interviews from cast and crew.
  • Acting is for the Dogs—There’s more to Clifford than meets the eye: meet the puppeteers who brought the giant red pup to life!
  • The Magic of Bridwell – See where Clifford's big adventure began from creator Norman Bridwell's early drawings for the beloved Scholastic book series to Clifford's worldwide fame.
  • Tips & Tricks for Taking Care of a 10-Foot Dog – Get hilarious tips on how to take care of a giant dog!
  • Deleted Scenes

Like many of you reading this, as a kid I remember loving to read tales about a giant red dog named Clifford. These books are a timeless classic that have been loved throughout the generations. My mom enjoyed him as a kid, I enjoyed him as a kid, and my own children have continued to enjoy him as well. Needless to say, when we learned that Clifford was coming to the big screen in an all new live action movie, we could now wait to check it out for ourselves. 

The verdict?

My kids and I both absolutely loved this fun, family film. Oftentimes these days it seems when a movie tries to modernize a classic too much it really just loses something that made it special in the first place, but I didn't feel that to be the case here. It was still just the same ol' Clifford that we've all come to know and love throughout the years. It was funny and kept us all entertained from start to finish. In fact, it is already one that my daughter has watched MANY times over. 

If you have a Clifford fan in your house, this truly is a must see family movie!

It's a PAW-ty! Clifford The Big Red Dog is now available on Blu-ray and DVD! Celebrate with this festive watch party kit: https://bit.ly/CliffordWatchParty


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