Monday, February 28, 2022

5 Tips for a Safe and Healthy Home.

 It's important to keep the safety of your home in mind at all times, especially if you have little ones around. The average home has many safety hazards and health risks. But you can prevent many potential mishaps. Here are some safety tips you can make around the home to make sure that everyone is safe at all times.

Wash and Sanitize All Surfaces Regularly

The first tip that could help you is to wash and sanitize all the surfaces in your home on a regular basis. This is important because flu viruses have been found to be able to survive on hard surfaces for as long as 48 hours. When you keep your home's surfaces clean, you will effectively minimize the chances of infection. You will also have more peace of mind. This is because even if children drop things on the floor and on other surfaces in the house, then proceed to eat them, they will be safer than they would otherwise have been

Get Rid of Small Objects and Plastic Bags

A home for small children also needs to be free of small objects like parts of things. These present a choking hazard, as young children are generally very curious and will often want to put foreign objects they pick up into their mouths. Plastic bags are other items that need to be tied up together and disposed of accordingly rather than be left lying around. Since they can be chewed up and swallowed or put over children's heads, it's important to get them out of the way and ensure that they're never somewhere the children can reach them easily. 

Modify Your Home For People With Special Needs

While your home may be functional enough for you, you should make sure to make it functional for children, pets, elderly people, and others with special needs. Many houses in the United States need improvement and remodeling because approximately 80% of them are at least 20 years old. If this is the case with your house, you also stand to increase its value when you remodel, as you will make it more modern than it was besides improving its functionality. A more functional house is a lot safer for its inhabitants and this is why you need to keep it updated.

Secure Potential Hazards with a Lock

As mentioned, young children are extremely curious and, as such, it won't be easy to keep them out of places and away from things they shouldn't touch. It's therefore advisable to secure hazards like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, batteries, cleaning products, lead paint, and even toxic houseplants. If such items have to be in the house, make sure that they're locked up and the keys kept out of the reach of children who may get creative when they want to find out what's being hidden.

Install a Security System

The final tip is to set up a security system for your home which will include window sensors, smoke alarms, motion-activated lights, deadbolts on the doors, and security cameras. These will help you stay safe from potential hazards as well as provide you with the ability to respond adequately in case an issue does occur. With roughly 65% of all home burglaries occurring between 6 am and 6 pm while most people are out of the house at work or school, according to the FBI, it's important to deter would-be criminals when you're not at home. Security cameras placed visibly as well as alarms and motion-sensing lights will be an effective way to scare away people with ill intentions.

With the tips above, you can help ensure that your home is safe for everyone living in it. Take the time to put them into practice so that you improve your home and enjoy more peace of mind.


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