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4 2022 Trends in Cosmetic Surgery


There was a significant surge in cosmetic surgery demand during the pandemic, with Americans spending over $9 billion in 2020. This number is significantly high, even with surgeries completely shutting down for a total of eight weeks. Even though the pandemic boom has ended, surgeons still reported an increase in revenue through 2021, which is said to be a result of the working from home culture we have grown accustomed to. As we move through 2022, seeing if the same patterns rollover will be interesting. Although we can’t predict the future in these uncertain times, we can tell you what cosmetic surgery trends you can expect to see throughout the following year.

Rise in Body-Contouring

Thanks to national lockdowns and working from home, many people have reported an undesirable increase in body size. The Journal of the American Medical Association found in a study that Americans were subject to a weight increase of two pounds every week during the height of lockdown (April 2020 and June 2020). Therefore, it makes sense that body-contouring surgeries, including Botox and liposuction, are on the rise. If you’re feeling the weight impacts of the pandemic, you can book a consultation at the Med Lounge now.

A Decline in Facial Procedures

Facial surgeries have always been popular, and in 2020 and 2021, rhinoplasty, face-lifts, and eyelid surgery were within the top five of all surgeries carried out. However, in 2021, surgeons noticed a significant decrease in facial procedure requests, which has shifted towards more body-altering surgery. Throughout 2022, the demand for facial procedures will continue to drop until there is an equal balance.

The Men of Capitol Hill and Silicon Valley

Stigma related to cosmetic surgery has been declining over the last couple of years, with open communication surrounding surgeries taking place on social media. Going hand-in-hand with the dropping stigma, it is predicted that more men will undergo procedures. In particular, the men on Capitol Hill and in Silicon Valley will want to look their best. Silicon Valley is full of young tech gurus, so cosmetic surgery is being used to retain youth for fear of being shunned. On Capitol Hill, there is a serious tone, and men are turning to cosmetic procedures to make themself come across as more serious.

Social Media Remains Influential

Social media has been a force to be reckoned with for years. The global pandemic provided more time and accessibility, making people more aware of their bodies. Gone are the days when people compared themselves to influencers’ before and after posts. Now, medical terminology is being used to document the entire process, meaning people are going into surgeries and telling doctors precisely what they need; this trend is expected to continue.

Cosmetic surgery has been rising in popularity for many years. Now, we live in an age where the stigma is being removed, and people are talking openly. No one knows how 2022 will pan out, but we can safely say that the trends above will be present.


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