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**DVD received for consideration. All thoughts are my own. 

PAW PatrolPups Save the Alien synopsis:Join the PAW Patrol on some out-of-this-world adventures! An alien spaceship crash lands at farmer Yumi’s! Now it’s up to the PAW Patrol to help out the stranded little extra-terrestrial by fixing his ship and getting him back to his home planet! Then Ryder and the pups need to repair an aliens’ spaceship to get everyone back to earth!

PAW PatrolPups Save the Alien episodes:
  • Pups Save the Space Alien
  • Pups Save a Space Toy
  • Pups Save Floating Friends
  • Pups Save a Satellite
  • Pups Save a Space Rock
  • Pups Save an Antarctic Martian
  • Pups Save a Rubble-Double
  • Pups Save a Glow-in-the-Dark Party

What could be better than Paw Patrol?

Paw Patrol PLUS aliens and out of this world fun... of course! 

Honestly, is there any kid who doesn't enjoy space and yes, the occasional alien or two? I know I certainly did as a child... and both of my children have as well. So when I heard about this newest Paw Patrol DVD, I knew it was definitely going to be a welcome addition to any Paw Patrol collection. 

This fun DVD features 8 great episodes---all with space themes! It truly is a fun one that kids are sure to want to check out! If you have a space loving Paw Patrol fan, this is definitely one NOT to be missed. Even new fans will find this a fun one to experience too! 

Capture starlight with this beautiful DIY Silhouette Jar Craft! PAW PATROLPUPS SAVE THE ALIEN is now available on DVD!! https://bit.ly/PPAlienJarCraft


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