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A Handy Gift Guide for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Giving gifts every Christmas can be incredibly stressful because it can be hard to know what people may want. The following gift-giving tips can help your shopping health in many ways. It will minimize any potential confusion, make this experience easier to execute, and give you a better insight into the needs of your children, your friends, and any other loved ones for whom you are buying. That being said, if you are looking for gifts for all ages, BloomingBox might be the perfect place to shop.

Your Friends

Gag gifts are often a fun way to tease your friends, but you also need to consider real gifts. Identify something that you enjoy doing together and emphasize it. For example, buy them an expansion for their favorite board game if you both like playing the same game together.

Don't forget to consider somewhat quirky or fun things that you could give to your friends. For example, candle products have become a huge market, selling around $3.14 billion every year in the U.S. alone. Consider buying some to make your friends' home a little more comfortable.

Your Children

The hardest part of shopping for your children will be narrowing down their list into something that doesn't break the bank. You're going to have to break their hearts a little every year by not getting them everything. Here's a simple tip you may want to use.

Ask your kids to rate which of the toys that they want the most. You may also want them to highlight the price of each gift and tell them you have a specific budget for purchases. This helps limit their purchases but gets them a wide range of gifts, too.

Your Kids' Teachers

Every year, your kids' teachers work hard to make sure that they are educated. Try to give them something that makes them feel appreciated, such as a holiday gift basket or a gift card to a local spa. When you express your gratitude, your child's teacher will feel happy, joyful, and motivated to teach their students in the classroom for the rest of the school year!

Your Aging Parents

As your parents age, they probably keep telling you that they don't need any gifts or would prefer you didn't give them anything. You can honor this choice, or you can give them items that will help them age at home, which is what 90% of all seniors in the country would prefer to do. You could pick out a security system for their home, build bookshelves for their living room, help them design a first-floor master bedroom, and more. They'll appreciate your help and guidance as they adapt their home to their aging needs.

Your Neighbors

Try to give your neighbors something small every year, such as a tin of popcorn or cookies, to make them feel appreciated. If your neighbors' kitchen is recently part of the 10 million American kitchens that get remodeled every year, you could also provide a gift that'll add to their upgrade. A new set of serving utensils, new wine glasses, or a bouquet for their kitchen counter will make your neighbors happy to invite you over to check out their new kitchen soon enough!

If you're worried about finding the perfect gift for your family, friends, and neighbors, it's best to keep it simple and thoughtful. Keep in mind personal interests and circumstances so you can purchase gifts that'll prove to be both useful and heartwarming for the people in your life that you care about.


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