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Inspiration For Making Your Engagement Truly Special


Getting engaged is perhaps the most exciting moment of a couple's life to date. With the potential for children down the line – and the wedding, of course – it's the start of a brand new, exciting, and loving chapter of a couple's life. So it's worth pulling out all the stops to make your proposal as exciting and memorable as possible – something you'll always look back on with watery-eyed nostalgia. Read on to learn how you can make your engagement truly special, showing your loved one just how much you care about them.


The Ring


More than anything else, your engagement is most defined by the ring that you slip onto the finger of your loved one after you hear the "yes" you've been dreaming of. That's not to say that you'll have to remortgage the house or take out a huge loan to get the most magnificent ring in the world to throw onto the finger of your loved one – it's just that, clearly, this is a crucial, central part of the tradition of proposing, and worth getting right.


Instead of splashing the cash on a pre-made, mass-market ring, why not look into custom made engagement rings in Sydney, Australia – the kind that will be unique upon the finger of your betrothed. That'll show that you really care and that your love is truly special and unique.


The Day


Second to the ring, your proposal's day, location, and time will mean a great deal. Plenty of couples end up engaged on an anniversary or a birthday – but you might also choose a special holiday that you've booked off for the purpose of having a romantic weekend or week as a couple. You may even divine an auspicious date based on star signs or significant numbers in your relationship.


From this point, it's all about the execution. How you propose – where, and in which romantic setting – is everything for the memory itself. You're looking to find somewhere private, as most couples opt for privacy in which they can share intimate moments and a first kiss as an engaged couple. Make the setting mind-blowing – something that'll be seared happily on your memories forever.


The Aftermath


In the immediate aftermath of getting engaged, you'll both want to shout from the mountaintops that you'll soon be tying the knot. But you'll also be feeling incredibly emotional – a moment of heightened love and wonder at the world that's best shared in a fantastic location with wonderful food and memorable experiences. That's worth planning long in advance to get things just right.


Here, you should feel free to get creative with your plan. Will you organize an activity that'll bring you even closer together? Will you head out to party with friends, who you've primed to be waiting at a destination of your choosing? Or will you rent a chalet in the mountains, or a beachside shack, to share a wonderful night of romance together? The choice is up to you.


There you have it: three ways in which you can make your engagement as special and memorable as possible.



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