Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Give the Gift of Creativity This Year with These Present Ideas


It can be incredibly difficult knowing exactly what you should buy your loved ones during the holiday season. Year upon year you will try to outdo yourself and now, as Christmas approaches, people all over the world are left scratching their heads as they ponder over what they should be getting their closest friends and family. Well, if you are struggling then look no further. This article is dedicated to giving the gift of creativity, which really lets somebody know that you care about them. Here are some of the best ideas if you are hoping to get someone something that allows you to show your creative side.


A Song


This isn’t what it sounds like. The suggestion here is not to merely learn three chords on guitar and sing a song that proclaims your love to somebody. No, instead, this option refers specifically to the site Songly. On here, you are able to order a personalised song by sending details of memories of a specific person to the team at Songly who will then put it into a professionally written, recorded and mastered track. If you have a loved one that is passionate about music, then this is truly one of the greatest gift that you could get them.


Homemade Candles


Who doesn’t love a good candle? These are normally go-to gifts anyway; however, in this instance you are able to make them a lot more personal by creating them yourself. You know better than anyone the kind of scents that your friends and family like and as such you can put these into the candle that you end up making. There are lots of guides available on how to make a candle but the bare bones instructions are to:


-          Measure the wax

-          Melt the wax that you have measured out

-          Add the necessary fragrance oils

-          Attach the wick

-          Pour the wax

-          Secure the wick

-          Add more wax

-          Cut the wick


Wood Tile Letter Coasters


These are the perfect present for any of those loved ones who get stressed out at the idea of water rings forming around one of their favorite coffee tables. They will likely be using a coaster in every instance of their day-to-day lives and as such, getting them their very own personalized one is a great idea.


They are incredibly easy to make as all you are going to need are some cork squares, small wood tiles, alphabet stickers, glue and clear glaze. Then, with a little bit of easy DIY you can put these together in a free afternoon that you have. You can have them spell out generic words that refer to drinking or make them more personal with the person’s name that they are for or a message that means something to the two of you.




Buying presents gets harder every year so to really give yourself the edge this time around, why don’t you create something a lot more personal? There are lots of different options available to you but if you are struggling with inspiration then the above is a good place to start.




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