Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Top Ways to Save Money on Your Makeup


When it comes to personal spending, makeup can easily rack up a high bill on a consistent basis, whether you’re passionate about products or simply trying to find something to cover blemishes in the best way. Because the beauty market is so saturated, it’s also easy to succumb to impulse buying with new products, attractive packaging, and new solutions to skincare problems.

How Much are You Spending on Makeup?

Makeup products are often bought individually whenever you need them, so you may not realize how much you’re actually spending over the period of a year on beauty products. A great place to start is to check your bank statements and total up just how much you’re spending on makeup. It may be surprising and can be the kickstart you need to want to want to make cutbacks on your beauty products.

Top Ways to Save Money on Your Makeup

Read Reviews

The description sounds perfect, the packaging looks amazing, and the brand is one to depend on. However, none of this is any indication of whether this is actually going to work for you and your skin type. Reviews can be extremely helpful in avoiding money wasting by buying the wrong products, particularly reviews which go into detail about their specific skin type and how this product worked for them.

Of course, even reviews can’t guarantee how your skin will react to makeup products, but they will give you a helping hand in putting your money in the right place.

Prioritize Skincare Over Makeup

Many people use makeup as a solution to cover up blemishes or other skin problems, but if you can target the problem at the source, you can make it more likely to need fewer cover-up products therefore saving you money.

If you’re spending more on makeup than you are on skincare products, you could be spending more than you need. Taking care of your skin can help your face to look its best and your skin to be in its best condition, meaning you can opt for a lighter, more natural makeup look with fewer products. Devices like from and essential skincare products like moisturizers can all help to reduce the amount of makeup you think your skin needs.

Learn How to Apply Products Properly

If you’re used to applying as much foundation as possible or re-applying your eyeliner ten times because the wing isn’t quite right, then you could be wasting valuable amounts of makeup. This means it’s more likely you’re going to use and spend more than you need over time.

Learning how to apply products properly, especially foundation, means you can use only what you need and reduce waste or re-application. Watching tutorials and looking up beauty tips will always be helpful for good application.

Understand Your Own Skin

Highly rated and popular products might be great for a certain skin type, but if it’s not right for yours, you’re wasting money on products that aren’t suitable. Always take the time to get to know your own skin and your own coverage needs, such as a lighter foundation perfect for drier skin or a waterproof mascara compared to a normal one. That way, you always know what you need to buy, and know beforehand that it’s suitable for you.


  1. I like the E.L.F. products, because they are affordable.

  2. How much do I spend on makeup? I buy good skin creams and that's about it.


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